We Are Moving Our HQ… About 100 ft Down the Road!

This learning center is dedicated to teaching our customers about creating more productive work environments for their teams.  However, we have decided to go beyond the digital realm and take practicing what we preach to a whole new level. We are excited to announce that this spring (April 2020), Office Interiors (in partnership with Cabco… Read More


Eco-Friendly Tips to Save Your Business Money

Sustainability has emerged as a powerful differentiator in today’s eco-conscious world. Consumers are looking for ways to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By supporting brands and businesses that adhere to green practices, they can have a positive impact on the planet. Fortunately, there are many ways in which being more ecologically responsible saves money,… Read More


What Are Carbon Offset Credits: The Pros and Cons

The environment and health of our planet is a hot topic these days. This is especially true with Canada’s federal carbon tax plan coming into effect on January 1st, 2019. In the midst of this discussion, you may have heard about various carbon emission reduction plans including carbon taxes, cap and trade systems, and carbon… Read More

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2018 OI Summer Party (NB & PEI Edition)

One of our Core Values here at Office Interiors is Our People.  It’s the great group of people we have here at OI that has helped the company grow as it has over the past 27 years and it’s those same people who make it so easy to head to the office every morning. Since… Read More


Fourth Annual OI Softball Challenge!

While Mother Nature prevented our 4th Annual Softball challenge from being as successful as last year, all those who showed up to brave the weather still had a great time! Once again we held the soft ball game at BJ Higgins field in Cole Harbour.  While we had plenty of returners from last year, it was… Read More


2017 OI Grand Prix

Last month we held the latest iteration of our annual Office Interiors Grand Prix.  Several past competitors returned to the action but there were also several “new” faces in this mix this year.  This new infusion of speedy talent proved to be the crucial addition needed to knock off the three-time reigning champion Dave Usifer.… Read More



It’s so easy to toss a colourful adjective or phrase into a conversation, thinking it can’t hurt anyone, right? Well, it can, and it does. Words matter. What you say can, and often does, affect those who hear your words. Simple words can have complex meanings. Simple words can have devastating impacts on people.  Using… Read More


Allow me to introduce myself…

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rachael Quackenbush, Office Interiors’s very own in-house Intern Interior Designer. As a passionate and dedicated person with a keen eye for detail, I love creating ambiences to enhance our built environments, so you can truly love the way you work! Interior design and architecture in the way we… Read More

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For Chanie… and the Secret Path

Before I start, I want to say that I’m proudly Canadian, I always have been. I see Canada as a land of opportunity, a country that cares, a beautiful place, one that embraces diversity, a safe place to live, work and play. I am proud that we accelerated bringing over 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada… Read More


Be a Connector!

I had the greatest compliment from a good friend and fellow CEO recently. He basically said “I really want to thank you for inviting me to some of your small ‘connector’ events over the past few years. As a direct result of meeting some great people, a few of them have become good business associates… Read More