Hoteling vs. Hot-Desking: Selecting the Right Office Setup for Success

In the era of flexible and hybrid workspaces, effective management of office environments has become increasingly important for businesses seeking to optimize productivity. To achieve a more comfortable, interactive, and efficient workspace, organizations are adopting management systems like ‘Hoteling‘ and ‘Hot-Desking.’ While these terms are often used interchangeably, they represent two distinct approaches to workspace… Read More

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What Office Accessories Do We Offer?

Think of a well-designed office. What is in it? Likely a sophisticated desk with plenty of storage. Maybe it is even height adjustable. There is probably an ergonomic task chair adjusted perfectly to your sitting posture. And of course, a top-of-the-line computer, maybe even with a couple extra monitors. All those things are definitely in… Read More

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Is It Time to Upgrade your Multifunction Printer?

Thinking about upgrading your office multifunction printer (MFP)?   When you picture a standard office technology setup, a multifunction printer probably comes to mind. This device is a key player in office technology. Many different roles across an organization often use an MFP.   The beauty of a multifunction printer is the ability to execute many tasks with… Read More

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Office Interiors Announces Acquisition of dpt Communications

Dartmouth, NS (November 4, 2020) – For Immediate Release Office Interiors is excited to announce the acquisition of dpt Communications of Moncton, NB. The acquisition will allow Office Interiors to expand their service and support team across southwestern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island as well as provide dpt customers with access to the expanded… Read More


We Are Moving Our HQ… About 100 ft Down the Road!

This learning center is dedicated to teaching our customers about creating more productive work environments for their teams.  However, we have decided to go beyond the digital realm and take practicing what we preach to a whole new level. We are excited to announce that this spring (April 2020), Office Interiors (in partnership with Cabco… Read More


Eco-Friendly Tips to Save Your Business Money

Sustainability has emerged as a powerful differentiator in today’s eco-conscious world. Consumers are looking for ways to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By supporting brands and businesses that adhere to green practices, they can have a positive impact on the planet. Fortunately, there are many ways in which being more ecologically responsible saves money,… Read More


What Are Carbon Offset Credits: The Pros and Cons

The environment and health of our planet is a hot topic these days. This is especially true with Canada’s federal carbon tax plan coming into effect on January 1st, 2019. In the midst of this discussion, you may have heard about various carbon emission reduction plans including carbon taxes, cap and trade systems, and carbon… Read More

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