Top 3 Problems with Systems Furniture Workstations (Cubicles)

The term systems furniture workstations is a fancy way to describe what many workers have long loathed about office life – the cubicle. And, after years of trending out of vogue, cubicles are once again growing in popularity. But today’s versions are nothing like the dingy boxes that filled offices back in the 60s. They’re… Read More


What Are Moveable Walls? Are They Worth Buying?

From ultra-lightweight workstations to heavy, traditionally built wall partitions, there is no shortage of options for organizing a workspace to fit its employees’ needs. Changes in the way your workplace is organized can have a significant effect on your employees’ overall productivity. For instance, employee spillover – the tendency for an employee’s nearest neighbours to… Read More

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What is Ergonomics and Why is it Important?

There is a lot of discussion about office ergonomics these days. As sedentary jobs become more and more common, an increasing volume of research is being done about the effect these types of occupations can have on people’s bodies. The concept of ergonomics is often seen as a vague idea that many people struggle to… Read More

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3 Wood Veneer Furniture Issues You Should Know About

Wood veneer and laminate are by far the most popular finishes for office furniture, and for a good reason. Both are functional, durable and stylish. Wood veneer scores exceptionally high marks in the style department and is second only to real wood when trying to make a design statement. But there are a few downsides… Read More


The 4 Major Problems with Laminate Furniture

In the world of office furniture, laminate used to be the poor cousin to solid wood and wood veneer. But that’s not so anymore. The quality, durability and look of laminate has come a long way in recent years. In fact, laminate is the most popular choice for most offices. While there are now fewer… Read More


The Most Common Problems with Height-adjustable Desks and Tables

For the past decade, there has been a growing trend toward ergonomic office furniture design. One piece of furniture that has grown in popularity is the height-adjustable desk. Recently, there have been many new designs that have added features making your choices better than ever.  As the data on height-adjustable desks have come in, some… Read More

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How Much Does A Cubicle Workstation Cost in 2019?

Are you hiring more staff and need to add a couple of new workstations for your expanding team?  Or perhaps you have outgrown your space and you are planning on moving to a new office?  If either of these situations sounds like you, you likely are wondering… what does a workstation cost? Well, it depends,… Read More

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The Groupe Lacasse Concept 400e Desk Reviewed

The Lacasse Concept 400E aims to be a universal solution in office furniture. The Concept 400E collection of forms, components, and finishes offer flexibility in office design and workspace or storage needs. With over 300 components to choose from, the Concept 400E could work in the office as well as your reception area and conference… Read More

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What Does an Office Desk Cost in 2019?

What I envision when I mentally picture a desk is not necessarily the same thing as when you mentally picture a desk, so before I try to give you a cost, I’m going to first explain what I’m costing. The Desk of Today  The office desk of today is quite different from that of 10… Read More

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