Congrats on a Successful Games! – NAIG 2023

With the 2023 North American Indigenous Games officially in the books, we can look back on what was a record-breaking event for the region and a fantastic celebration of elite athletes and the Maritimes’ vibrant indigenous communities. The Games saw more than 5000 athletes from 756 Indigenous Nations competing at venues around Nova Scotia from… Read More


Love The Way You Live Challenge Wrap Up!

Our Love The Way You Live Challenged is wrapping up after a successful three months! This challenge shined a light on how small habits can make a significant change in living a healthy lifestyle. We challenged our Office Interiors and Cabco team to incorporate new healthy habits into their lives! These habits fell under 4… Read More


Love The Way You Live Challenge Update #1  

Our  Love The Way You Live  challenge is underway, and we’re celebrating an amazing first month! We’ve taken our Love The Way You Work philosophy and apply it to our teams’ health and wellness goals.   We’re encouraging our team to build new healthy habits while building a supportive community along the way! The Love The Way You Live challenge has… Read More


Love The Way You Live Challenge

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we here at Office Interiors understand that. A new year often inspires us to start implementing habits and reaching new goals. However, without a realistic plan, any change can be difficult and seem unmanageable.   Unprepared change can feel like you’re trying to climb Mount Everest without a map, experience or… Read More


Creating a Successful Company Culture Using Work Space Design

It’s no surprise that the space in which we spend much of our time has a significant effect on the human psyche. Our homes, places of work, sports arenas, museums, and even airport terminals reflect that sentiment. The work environment can evoke excitement or dread, deep focus or distraction, collaboration or isolation.  That’s why it’s… Read More

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Where to Buy Multifunction Printers (Copiers) in Moncton

How many of your business processes rely on printing, scanning or copying?  Does your office grind come to a standstill if the copier goes down?  If so, wouldn’t it be great if you had a list of several companies/dealers whom you can trust to service your investment? Well, you are in for luck because here… Read More

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