Love The Way You Live Challenge


Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we here at Office Interiors understand that. A new year often inspires us to start implementing habits and reaching new goals. However, without a realistic plan, any change can be difficult and seem unmanageable. 

 Unprepared change can feel like you’re trying to climb Mount Everest without a map, experience or even just proper shoes. Or like you’re trying to cook a brand new dish without the recipe or ingredients. Any new journey should start with a clear goal and a plan.  

We’ve taken our Love The Way You Work philosophy and applied it to our teams’ health and wellness goals. We were looking for a way to build new healthy habits while supporting each other along the way.  

 The Love The Way You Live challenge was born!  

 This internal company challenge encourages our team to build new healthy habits, and be encouraged to stick to them. 

 We’ve partnered with the team at Evolve Fitness in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Together, we are setting up our team with goal setting strategies, virtual fitness classes, group support and a little friendly competition.  

This challenge will be running from February until May, with each month focusing on another area of health.  Each month the Office Interiors and Cabco team will be working towards a goal in either hydration, nutrition, fitness or sleep. We’ve created an app that allows our team to track their progress and even be entered into weekly draws!  

We want to encourage our team to be the best they can be. This isn’t about being perfect, and everyBODY is different. We respect and cherish every kind of person. This challenge can be done by any age group, fitness level or location.  

 Our goal is to encourage daily healthy habits! By providing the tools and resources anyone in the challenge can use, our team is prepared to start and stick to these new health and wellness goals.  

 If you have any questions about this challenge, reach out to Cory Porteous and he would be happy to help!