March 2015

In Business, as in Life, Right-sizing is the Best Option

I was recently talking to my uncle about his frustrations with shovelling during this terrible winter we have had in Nova Scotia.  Shovelling is not exactly his forte, and he claimed there were 100 things he would rather do than shovel.  I threw it out as a joke that since his now adult children have… Read More


Business, Hockey, and Faith in the Handshake

When I was growing up in Sackville I spent every winter on the ice and played ball hockey throughout the spring and summer.  At the time, hockey just seemed like a great pastime, but I am now able to see that it played a key role in creating the person I am today.  In fact,… Read More


Can office space itself be a portal for significant change?

Employees are every company’s largest resource by far, and employee engagement is the key to innovation.  And yet recent studies tell us that more than 70 percent of the workforce either hates their jobs or are just going through the motions.  And half of all office space is wasted. That is a scary reality, and… Read More