December 2020

Learn About Conference, Guest and Lounge Seating

Workplaces are becoming hubs for creativity and collaboration. There is a growing need to create spaces where employees feel comfortable working and have all of the tools they need. When creating an office space, an important factor in any room is the different kinds of seating. We’ve written extensively about task seating and executive seating.… Read More


2021 Office Technology Trends

2021 promises to be an exciting year for office technology. The past year saw some major shifts in the way technology works in our day-to-day lives. Overall, the major theme in 2021 for office technology will be about becoming more productive while working from anywhere.  In this article, we will break down the three tech… Read More


2021 Office Furniture Trends

2021 will see office furniture trends push the envelope. 2021 will be a year of creativity, flexibility and sustainability.   Our work habits and lifestyles were dramatically changed during 2020, and trends are catching up to reflect that. This article will cover the 3 trends we expect to be dominating the office furniture environment in this… Read More


Frequently Asked Questions about Service Contracts

A service contract is an agreement between you and your office technology service provider covering devices like MFPs (Multifunction Printers) and phone systems beyond the warranty.  This agreement covers various factors that make your machine run as smoothly as possible in your office. Each manufacturer and supplier have their own version of service contacts. This… Read More


4 Problems With Virtual Meetings and How to Overcome Them

2020 has seen the uprising of virtual meetings, and along with it, a plethora of problems. As the number of people working remotely rapidly grows, the structure of a standard meeting has also evolved. No longer are the days where you and your 20 colleagues sit in a well-lit boardroom with catering and whiteboards. Now… Read More

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