November 2014

We Love The Way The Fredericton Jr. Caps Love Play!

The Office Interiors Jr. Caps play in the NBJHL. This league consist of 11 teams within N.B and is student driven to allow University / NBCC students to focus on their academics  while competing on the ice at a high level. Most of our players have played or could have played in the MJHL. However… Read More


Biophilia and the Workplace

Biologist and researcher, E.O. Wilson, defines Biophilia as an “innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms.  Innate means hereditary and hence part of ultimate human nature”.   In other words, people are subconsciously attracted to living things; we are naturally drawn to plants, animals, and other people.  There are multiple scientific theories… Read More


Buying a copier? Here are a few tips to help get what you need, at the price you want

Assess Your Needs Most copiers today come with a wide variety of standard and optional features. The right multifunctional copier (MFP) can streamline processes and remove your need for separate scanners, printers, and fax machines.  One networked MFP at times can replace numerous desktop machines and lower your overall printing costs.  At the same time,… Read More