April 2021

How to Choose the Right Copier Solution for Your Business

Whether you’re setting up a new office or upgrading existing equipment, choosing the right copier is imperative to ensuring the smooth operation of your business. There are many copiers on the market with a wide range of features and prices for you to choose from. Which features do you need? Which features would be nice… Read More


Why You Should Use Sustainable Fabric Finishes

Climate change is one of the biggest global problems for our times. As a consumer, you have the power to help simply with your buying choices. You should consider supporting companies that are actively trying to make a difference for our Earth. For example, you can make environmentally friendly choices by using sustainable furniture finishes.… Read More


Back to Work

Originally published in Supply Professional’s April 2021 issue.  Adapting the office for post-pandemic safety  Over the past 14 months, home offices and zoom calls have replaced communal workspaces and lunch meetings. Terms like the new normal or social distancing and unprecedented still dominate the narrative around our daily lives. We have begun to question the… Read More


The Basics You Need to Know about Furniture Finishes

A bright orange chair can breathe new life into a workspace, and a sleek wooden workstation can bring sophistication to an office. You can use furniture finishes to tell your story.  There’s no one size fits all option when selecting a furniture finish. This is your chance to customize the piece so that it feels… Read More


The 6 Significant Differences Between Commercial-Grade and Residential-Grade Furniture

Think about your workstation, and then think about your bed. What are the significant differences between the two pieces of furniture? You probably aren’t sleeping at your workstation… unless it’s lunch. But that’s not the only difference between the two items. Your bed is residential-grade furniture, but your workstation is mostly like commercial-grade furniture.  The… Read More