What is an Ergonomic Hazard? Defined in Under 100 Words

An ergonomic hazard is any behaviour, situation or equipment that can contribute to the development of an ergonomic injury.  Most ergonomic hazards pose risks to the musculoskeletal system.  The most common ergonomic hazards in offices are those that contribute to repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), including: Poor posture or device placement Prolonged periods of sitting Inadequate… Read More


What is an Ergonomic Assessment? Defined in Under 100 Words

An ergonomic assessment is when an ergonomic expert examines a workplace or station for ergonomic risks or hazards and offers recommendations on how to correct these issues.  Ergonomic assessments are most frequently done in response to a complaint of discomfort or workplace injury claim, but they can extremely valuable when done proactively.  An assessment could… Read More


Could Biophilic Design Make You More Productive at Work?

Human beings are no longer outdoor animals. We spend the overwhelming majority of our time indoors or in cars. Researchers are only beginning to understand the effects this has on our overall health and wellness. For instance, patients recovering from surgery tend to go home sooner when kept in hospital rooms with a window. Studies… Read More

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The Definition of Biophilia (in under 100 words)

Biophilia is the natural attraction people have for nature and living organisms. It is hypothesized that people have an innate tendency to affiliate with things that remind us of the outdoors (natural light, water, plants, and animals). With respect to architecture, incorporating biophilia would entail integrating the natural world in a way that allows users… Read More


The Definition of RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) in under 100 words

An RSI or Repetitive Stress Injury is an injury, syndrome or disorder of the nervous or musculoskeletal systems caused by the repetition of movements and sustained strain.  RSIs are most commonly associated with office work or manual labour and if left untreated can lead to chronic pain. RSIs will usually manifest as a tenderness, throbbing,… Read More


How to Prevent Repetitive Stress/Strain Injuries (RSI) In the Office

People who work in physical, dangerous jobs like construction or oil rigging are not the only ones at risk for a workplace injury. To a certain extent, the average office worker can also be at risk for bodily harm. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are a type of ailment (invisible condition) that occur as a result… Read More


The Definition of Office Ergonomics (in under 100 words)

Office ergonomics is the science of how people interact with their work tools.  By better understanding how people use their tools, it’s possible to design tools that are easier to use, safer or more effective. Poor ergonomics has been proven to increase the risk of chronic injury or the development of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). … Read More


Ergonomic Footrests: What Are They & Do You Need One?

People spend a lot of time sitting these days. In fact, the average person spends 10 hours per day sitting. Those that work in office environments may spend even more time sitting as they go through their workday and then head home to relax. One of the problems with spending so much time sitting is… Read More

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