Sit Stand Converter: Pros and Cons to Consider Before Buying

So, you are sold on the idea of giving your employees a chance to stand while they work but not too keen on replacing all your existing desks? No problem. There’s another option called a sit-stand converter that’s a reliable and cost-effective alternative to buying a complete sit-stand desk. Let’s look at some of the… Read More

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Bringing Nature Indoors [Infographic]

Introducing outdoor elements into an office environment can be very beneficial. In the modern climate-controlled workplace where recycled air and fluorescent lighting are standard, a bit of sunshine and greenery can go a long way toward creating a positive impact. Designers and architects are incorporating natural elements into their interior spaces to provide more than… Read More

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20 Ways You Can Benefit from Your Office Design [Infographic]

As working professionals, we spend most of our lives in an office environment. However, have you thought about the ways your office can impact how you work? A recent survey conducted by Capital One found that 82% of professionals believe that employees would feel engaged if their employers invested in innovative office spaces. Studies show… Read More

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The Workrite Solace 2 Total Review: Sit-to-Stand Functionality and Modern Ergonomics

Workrite Ergonomics is a reputable name in the office furniture industry, and rightly so. Many of the company’s products do a great job creating happier, healthier, and more productive offices. But when it comes to office ergonomics, every individual has unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all ergonomic office solution.  Different body types adjust to ergonomic… Read More

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Workrite Solace Desktop Review: Instant Standing Desk Conversion

When office managers choose Workrite ergonomics for their office furniture, they earn the peace of mind that comes with selecting a high-quality brand known for innovation.  The Workrite Solace series is rightly one of the company’s most popular product lines. But different offices have different space requirements, and various individual users have varying ergonomic needs.… Read More

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All-Inclusive Review of the Ergotron Workfit

Sitting all day is not healthy. Prolonged sitting can lead to back problems, circulation issues, muscle soreness, slouching, headaches, and more. This health issue has begun to get more and more exposure as people take on increasingly sedentary jobs. Of course, most people don’t have the luxury to leave their jobs just because they must… Read More

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