May 2015

One of Four Core Values

One of the very first things that attracted me to Office Interiors as a place to work was the binder of letters that I found at Reception.  The letters were from various charitable and not-for-profit organizations – large and small – thanking Office Interiors for the donation of product, time or financial support.  My immediate… Read More


LOVE my Haworth Very Chair!

At Office Interiors, we strive every day to live up to our vision statement: “To Inspire You To Love The Way You Work.”  Nothing brightens the day more than receiving the following message from a client: “I LOVE the chair. It looks great in the den and it is so comfortable and stylish. I so… Read More

Customer Satisfaction

Change is unavoidable

Our working environment is in a constant state of change. The evolution of office technology has always been improving, allowing us to be more efficient in how we work individually and how we collaborate with coworkers. Today we have the use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones to help us in our day to day grind.… Read More


Let’s Print

I remember from early on in my life, always having a love of photograph. Nothing thrilled me more than visiting friend’s or relative’s homes and looking through the family photo albums. Those big black books with black pages and those great pictures held in with those neat photo corners. Now jump ahead to 2015 where… Read More