August 2019

The Top 4 Problems with Laser Printers (And How to Avoid Them)

So, you’re leaning towards buying a new laser printer for your office but curious about what the downside might be? There are certainly pros and cons to both inkjet and laser printers. But the ideal choice comes down to the needs of your office and the size of your budget. In another article, we looked… Read More


What You Need to Know About Kyocera Printers: A Complete Review

When you start researching Kyocera copiers and printers, you can quickly see a few recurring themes. They’re considered highly reliable, cost-efficient and ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainability. In 2018, Kyocera was named the Most Reliable Color Copier MFP Brand by Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the leading source of document imaging… Read More

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