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6 home office setup idea

The pandemic ushered in a new wave of remote and hybrid working, and there is no doubt that even in this post-pandemic world, they are here to stay. As of 2022, 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote, and it is estimated that 22% of professional workers will work remotely by 2025, as opposed to 6% before the pandemic.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a remote or hybrid work style and are looking for home office ideas. We have you covered.

Before we get started, we want to emphasize the importance of having an ergonomic setup even for your home office. Ideally, your home office setup should be as comfortable and ergonomic as your office workspace setup because you would spend most of your time sitting at your desk and chair in front of the computer. Investing in furniture pieces that fit you and your space and will last for a long time is crucial.

Some essential ergonomic items you should have in your home office include:

Task Chair

The ergonomic task chair is full of comfort and adjustable features that allow you to maintain the correct posture while being productive on your job. In the same way that a quality mattress is unmatched, nothing beats an ergonomic task chair.

Monitor Arms

Adjustable monitor arms help to place your monitor in the proper viewing position for your posture so that no matter how you sit, your screen will be right in front of you.

Keyboard Tray

Adjustable keyboard trays can be attached to any desk surface and set to a comfortable level for your hands.

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps to reduce eye strain.

Power Module

Power adapters help to make device charging convenient and keep your plugs within reach.

Home Office Setup Ideas

Now that we have the foundational information needed to set up your home office, here are 6 setups to inspire your home office.

Look 1

home office setup

This setup style is ideal if you receive guests or clients in your home office. The two guest chairs are perfect for sitting for meetings, discussions, and even brainstorming ideas. They are comfortable and easy to move around.

The bookcase serves as both storage and a space you can personalize with books and awards.

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Look 2

home office ideas

This setup is a folder storage dream, so if you are someone who uses a lot of folders for documentation, you will like this. With the focus of this home office being comfortability and easy visualization, all the furniture pieces fit together perfectly.

The height-adjustable desk ensures that you are flexible and moving throughout the day, while the tack board and paper tray help you keep your desk clutter-free.

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Look 3

home office setup

This setup screams executive – height adjustable, open storage, closed storage, coat hanger, everything checks out!

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Look 4

home office setup

Do you often find yourself having a burst of ideas that you have to write down quickly on a sticky note? If yes, this home office is for you. The large tack board allows you to pin on these notes that you can easily check out for your ideas. 

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Look 5

home office idea

A simple yet functional setup. This home office gives a modern, minimalistic and biophilic vibe and is perfect for everyone. The rug ties the whole look together and brings a cozy ambience to the office.

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Look 6

home office ideas

Are you the type of person who likes to keep everything simple but would occasionally need some storage? This simple height-adjustable desk setup with a foot pedestal will sort that need for you.

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“I like them; how do I start?”

If that is you, you don’t have to go through the process of furnishing your home office alone. Using your needs as a guide, our team of experts can help you analyze your home office space and proffer customized solutions. Book your consultation today!

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