January 2020

How Long Will Your New Office Install Take?

Are you someone who is looking to install office furniture and want to budget your time accordingly? You have found yourself on the right page!  However, there are countless different variations and options available and this diversity in your furniture could be the reason why one project could take much longer than another project.   In this article, we are going to discuss how long it… Read More


What To Know Before You Buy A Production Printer

If you’re a business that does a lot of high-volume printing and often uses advanced graphics and finishing options, then you’re probably already using a production printer.  Or maybe you are thinking of making the switch and deciding to bring your outsources printing in house? No matter the case, we here at Office Interiors are… Read More

Technology What does it cost?

How To Save Money Using Your Office Copier

Office copiers and multifunction printers are crucial to a well functioning office. These wonderful machines allow you to copy, print, scan and fax important office documents anywhere in your business. Something that often gets overlooked in regards to office copiers and MFP’s is the hidden costs associated with them. These hidden costs may be costing… Read More

Technology What does it cost?