January 2021

Love The Way You Live Challenge

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we here at Office Interiors understand that. A new year often inspires us to start implementing habits and reaching new goals. However, without a realistic plan, any change can be difficult and seem unmanageable.   Unprepared change can feel like you’re trying to climb Mount Everest without a map, experience or… Read More


Panasonic is Exiting the Office Phone System Business

Do you have an office phone system with Panasonic? Panasonic’s December announcement affects you! Panasonic has announced their departure from the telephony business. While this news was unexpected, we here at Office Interiors have created an action plan for dealing with the transition.  Office Interiors has been a long time dealer of Panasonic phone systems,… Read More

Phone Systems

What is a phone number?

We all have one, we all use them daily, but not everybody understands how it works. We’re talking about phone numbers.  Phone numbers are standard in our everyday life. We see them in advertisements, we give them out to friends and colleagues, and we have our close friends and families memorized. While these numbers may… Read More

Phone Systems Technology

3 Signs It’s Time to Move into a New Office Space

It’s a new year, and you may be feeling the need for a fresh start!  A new office space can give your company the step up it needs to build momentum in the new year. A fresh start can look like many things. This can be moving to a new space or even just upgrading… Read More