Adjustable Keyboard Trays: 4 Reasons You Should Have One

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Top ergonomic accessories: adjustable keyboard trays

In this brief blog series, we take a look at some of the most important but often overlooked, ergonomic tools and accessories that any office can affordably add to improve the working environment for their staff significantly.

Keyboard trays seem like such a simple office accessory that they often go forgotten in the hype of more “flashy” ergonomics accessories like sit to stand desks and ergonomic chairs. While an excellent ergonomic chair or a seamlessly operated sit to stand desk are both fantastic additions to any office, there are already a ton of people extolling their ergonomic virtues.

Keyboard trays are arguably just as essential as a good ergonomic office chair, yet many people don’t even consider this vital accessory. Adding a keyboard tray to any office setup is fast, simple, and inexpensive. So, why should you have an adjustable keyboard tray? This post will dig into the core reasons.

1. Prevent Long-Term Pain and Injury

Office workers often incorrectly believe that there is no danger involved in the work that they do. While it’s true that an office worker doesn’t face the same immediate risks that a construction worker would, there are long-term injuries that can develop from office work.

Chronic pain as a result of poor ergonomics is a genuine danger for office workers. Ergonomic accessories like keyboard trays are an essential tool in preventing long-term pain that can affect life, both inside and outside the office.

In fact, poor wrist positioning when typing is one of the top non-medical causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. This ergonomic injury is a result of swelling in the wrist that can lead to numbness, tingling, and pain in the fingers and hands.

Not only can people with carpal tunnel syndrome struggle to do their job effectively they also experience difficulty participating in the hobbies and sports they love. Needless to say, this can be a severe injury that affects all aspects of life.

2. Easily Customize Worksurfaces to Meet Individual Needs

The chances are that the people in your office are not all of the same height. You also likely don’t know how tall or short your next hire will be. Keyboard trays are a great way to accommodate all body sizes without having to make drastic changes to workstation worksurfaces.

Most people will find that their desk is too high for a keyboard to sit comfortably.  Assuming that the height of their chair has been set correctly with their feet sitting flat on the floor and thighs resting parallel to the floor, it’s rare that the worksurface aligns with a comfortable keyboarding height.

A keyboard tray gives a range of height and tilt customizations to help employees ensure their space is comfortable and ergonomic. Ideally, a user’s elbows should rest on the armrests of their chair and form a 90-degree angle between their forearm and upper arm.

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3. Increase Productivity While Typing

Ergonomic accessories aren’t solely to help prevent long-term, chronic injuries. The other objective of accessories like keyboard trays is to help people work more effectively and efficiently. It should go without saying that someone who feels good can work more effectively. People with carpal tunnel syndrome or other forms of chronic pain will have difficulty working to their full potential.

A keyboard tray also allows people to create a workspace that meets their individual needs.

Not only do keyboard trays allow employees to raise and lower the height of their keyboard, but many trays also tilt to offer more comfortable angles. They can swivel left and right to accommodate unique spaces and move in or out to allow users to sit at a distance from their desk and monitor that feels right for them.

4. Declutter and Clean Up the Workspace

They say first impressions are everything. What does it show customers or co-workers if your desk is cluttered with cables? A simple keyboard tray can help put forward a clean, organized look. Plus, when you’re not working, the keyboard and mouse can slide under the desk and stay hidden.

However, cable management is about more than just appearances. Not only does clutter look bad, but it can cause damage or injury as well.

Exposed cables can easily get snagged on hands and feet. The best-case scenario is that the keyboard or mouse is damaged. The worst-case scenario is that someone falls and gets injured in your office. Keyboard trays help you put forward a clean look and help ensure the safety of your workspace.

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Comfortable employees are happy employees and happy employees deliver the best work, day in and day out. Wondering what ergonomic accessories are available to help you create the best workspace possible? Give us a shout!

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
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