June 2015

Why do you Relay?

On June 20th 2015 I will spend twelve hours walking towards a brighter, more hopeful future; a future without cancer. This will be my fifth year participating in the Halifax Relay for Life and my first as Chair of Treasury.  Cancer has touched the lives of millions in some way or another, myself included. It… Read More


What did we do before the Cell Phone?

As far as I can remember we used to talk, read the newspaper, read labels on bottles, and believe it or not we could wait for things with a civil level of patience, but not any more.  Today, we are obsessed with instant everything.  Be it instant rice or instant answers to questions we seem… Read More


Giving Back

If your world is anything like mine, every waking moment is a precious commodity.  Time is spent trying to meet deadlines, staying organized both at home and at the office, and finally at the end of the day you can only hope to have a few minutes of that precious time left for yourself.  A… Read More