March 2021

What Window Treatment Accessories Do You Need?

A stellar room can create a great company culture. It’s all in the fine details. You want to wow someone when they walk into your space! Having the right window treatments can complete a room, but it’s the accessories that bring life to space. Window treatment accessories are made to work cohesively with your product… Read More


Improve Your Interior Space with Biophilic Design

 Biophilia is love of nature, something we are all hard-wired with, and yet something that is difficult to experience in an industrialized, urban environment.  Fortunately, there is help and hope: Biophilic design, a decades-old architectural and interior design philosophy, incorporates natural elements in interior spaces to create an experience that produces a wide range of… Read More


What Should you Know Before Buying Window Treatments?

Think about your favourite room. Now think about the windows of that room. What do they look like? Do they have blinds? Maybe curtains? Chances are, yes, they did have some form of window treatment! And you probably didn’t specifically think about them until I mentioned it just now. When designing a spectacular room, the… Read More


What are the Best Window Treatments for Offices?

What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a space? Is it the bright lights? The colours? The overall vibe? The finer details of an area can make or break a room. Window coverings are essential to completing a room. Not only can proper window coverings tie a room together aesthetically, but… Read More


Top Three Tips to Optimize Teams 

Microsoft Teams is an integral part of the Microsoft 365 Suite. The emphasis on clear and concise communication is needed now more than ever. If you’re reading this article, chances are you use Teams in your day-to-day life, or you are exploring the options.  Teams can connect you with someone across the world or in… Read More

Productivity Technology

How to avoid falling victim to TONER PIRATES! 

Let’s imagine this scenario that’s happening to thousands of Canadians each year.   A box of toner arrives with an invoice to your office. You haven’t ordered any toner or are on an auto-renew contract with your supplier, which doesn’t look like the usual box. Weird. But you decide to open the toner and install it… Read More


Love The Way You Live Challenge Update #1  

Our  Love The Way You Live  challenge is underway, and we’re celebrating an amazing first month! We’ve taken our Love The Way You Work philosophy and apply it to our teams’ health and wellness goals.   We’re encouraging our team to build new healthy habits while building a supportive community along the way! The Love The Way You Live challenge has… Read More