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Proud of my “Team”

Is the word “Team” over-used? We hear it all the time; this team, that team, teamwork, our team, your team. The question is when is a team truly a “Team”. One of the measures surely is performance, specifically high performance. In the business world, a high performance “Team” counts when it is measurable such as… Read More

Community Customer Satisfaction

Service that lives next door

Every consumer of technology has gone through it at some point; your device breaks so you call the support line and get someone who isn’t in the same country let alone the same time zone.  They run you through a series of troubleshooting techniques and then when all else fails they tell you to go… Read More

Customer Satisfaction Technology

We stand behind our service

At Office Interiors we consider our service to be one of our “Three Key Uniques” that set us apart from others in the industry.  It’s our belief that despite the sometimes challenging geography and road conditions in the Maritimes, it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with the service they need, whenever and wherever they… Read More

Customer Satisfaction Technology