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Customer Satisfaction

How can you be sure that the company you have chosen to do business with really has great service? Sure, they may claim to be good at what they do, but how can you really be sure?
With so many organizations out there to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice to shorten that list to Top 100 best organizations across North America? 

Luckily, one such company believes that only the Office Imaging organization that delivers the best service in a market deserves such a certification. 

What Is Pros Elite?

PROs Elite 100 is an independent third-party expert, who audits the Office Imaging dealerships in major markets.  All the existing competitors in a given market are evaluated against over 100 critical measures. The highest indexing dealer is then offered the chance to take part in the PROs Elite 100 certification process.  

This process demands the dealer participate in extensive training, execute specific action plans, and undergo annual audits ensuring compliance with PROs Elite’s more than 100 critical measures.  To top it off, certification must be earned every year.

Customer Service Is The Key

Every dealer is going to tell you that they have great customer service, so ask for the proof to back that up. But, are their service calls reviewed and audited to ensure quality and compliance? Do they survey their customers or gather performance feedback in any systematic and impartial way?

Questions You Should Ask a Copier Dealer

Ask about their service certifications and how they measure their level of service. with you. What methods or metrics do they have for measuring their customer satisfaction?  A good dealer will be more than happy to share this information 

Are the dealers you are considering certified for the work you need them to do?  Third-party service accreditations or membership in industry benchmarking and performance groups can indicate a company dedicated to offering the best possible service levels.

What About You?

What does all this have to do with you, the customer?  

As the client of a PROs Elite 100 certified dealership, you can rest assured that you are giving your business to an organization that has invested heavily in training its staff. They have the best processes in place to ensure excellent service on delivery (customer and equipment). 

PROs Elite 100 members are annually audited to stay on the top of their game and have the spare parts on hand to fix any breakdowns your equipment might face on the first visit.  

Most importantly though, you have access to an independent third-party customer advocate if you feel you aren’t receiving the service you deserve.  

Click here to visit the PROs Elite website, where you can find much more information on the benefits of PROs Elite to Office Imaging customers.

Have More Questions?

Here at the Office Interiors learning center, we hope to answer any questions or concerns our customers might have. After reading this article, if you still have more questions about your office needs.

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