CONSOLIDATING TECHNOLOGIES: A Testimonial by Huestis Insurance Group

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The Foundation

Huestis Insurance group has been one of our clients for years, and we have provided them with managed printing services. In our role as their dealer, we have had the opportunity to nurture the relationship and earn their trust through many purchases, installations, service calls, and positive experiences with our team.

The Need

As an insurance provider with a longstanding reputation in the Maritimes, Huestis began to expand through mergers and acquisitions. Due to this growth, they explained that their technology situation became somewhat chaotic, with multiple service providers involved for their 0365 licensing, copiers, and other technology, and this was challenging to manage. They decided to consolidate their technology services under one dealer to solve this problem.

The Decision

At the realization of this need, the team at Huestis Insurance reached out to Office Interiors to serve as their one-stop technology service provider. When we asked Joshua Lapointe – the director of technology at Huestis – why they decided to bring their 0365 licensing to Office Interiors, he responded, “because of the customer service and support structure within the Atlantic Region.”

The Journey

The process of moving their licensing to Office interiors was seamless. They came to Katie Gillingham, an Account Manager at Office Interiors, with an idea, and she worked with them to find the best options they liked. Regarding finding the appropriate technology solution, Lapointe described the decision-making process as easy.

The Result

Following the completion of this consolidation, they have noted that our team has done an excellent job answering any questions regarding their Office 365 subscription and especially keeping them informed on new O365 features that may benefit their organization. Additionally, they commented that the service team did a good job educating their staff on how their new copiers worked and are great at providing service for their units.

We asked Lapointe how important technology was to Huestis Insurance and whether Office Interiors has fulfilled their technology needs as a dealer. He responded that office 365 and multifunction printers are the organization’s lifeblood since, without them, they wouldn’t be able to communicate and provide clients with documentation like renewal and liability cards. He concluded that choosing Office Interiors has helped them manage their copiers and licensing year after year, and they are happy with this.

We Can Help!

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Fola Adedeji
Marketing Coordinator 
Office Interiors