THANK YOU Office Interiors and Avaya – A Customer Testimonial

Customer Satisfaction

We are always thrilled to receive an email from a satisfied customer like this one. Thanks for your business, Larry, it has been a pleasure working together!

“We recently did a complete communication switch over to virtual using Office Interiors and the Avaya system.  It was by far the best system implementation I have experienced in over 30 years of doing project implementation and IT development.

The level of support we received from the first visit to the completion of the entire system was way above what is normally received.  Communication was fast and accurate with great people helping at every stage of the process.  There were very few minor things to work out as the process was done so well.  Those few little things were taken care of quickly and with a lot of expertise.

The staff at Office Interiors and at Avaya went above and beyond at every chance to ensure everything went smoothly and that everything was very well explained.  They took the time to set up every option we wanted and explained a number of features we didn’t even know we wanted.

While I have done many project implementations over the decades, and many went well, this one stood out from all the rest with the level of customer support, expertise, and an obvious desire to truly offer a support system that alleviated any stress to us, the customer.

THANK YOU Office Interiors and Avaya for a job well done on a major change for us that went so well.”

Larry Cornell
General Manager
Maritime Exhaust