January 2015

“Quickstand” by Humanscale is clearly a Hit!

Folks, you likely have heard in the media more than once recently the evidence supporting improving health by not sitting all day at work.  Standing for roughly 15 minutes per hour through the use of a “sit-stand” device makes that both easy and possible.  Until now, free standing tables or desks were the only answer. … Read More


Quality or Quantity? What to chase as a Sales Professional?

As a sales leader I am often besieged by my direct reports about the number of calls/appointments/activities they are expected to complete on a daily/weekly basis. I have even read sales playbooks that out line exact metrics, as well as lively debate in a group on LinkedIn. The number is too high, the number is… Read More


Energized by a New Year!

The terrific thing about January 1 and a New Year is that it’s an opportunity for all of us to get “energized”.  A fresh new start for all of us!  While I’m not personally a big fan of ‘resolutions’ due to the fact they typically end up not being sustainable; I am a big fan… Read More