November 2018

4 Key Concepts to Understand About Your Office Equipment Lease

Purchasing ownership of something is a pretty simple concept. Pay cash for an item, and it’s yours. From that moment on, you’re free to do as you please. Leasing, on the other hand, can feel far more complicated for many people. It features unusual language and contractual obligations that don’t have a familiar analogue in… Read More


5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Office Equipment Warranty

For office managers and administrators, a comprehensive warranty can prevent significant costs and headaches. On the other hand, a lousy warranty is barely worth the paper it’s printed on and can end up drastically inflating total cost of ownership. Although conscientious office managers rely on service contracts for preventative maintenance, many will miss cost-saving opportunities… Read More


Should You Lease Your Office Furniture? Pros and Cons

If you could acquire new office furniture without significantly impacting your organization’s cash flow, would you do it? This is the promise that office furniture leasing offers businesses that don’t want to purchase furniture outright. There are many reasons why a business may not want to purchase its office furniture with cash. One of the… Read More


Could Biophilic Design Make You More Productive at Work?

Human beings are no longer outdoor animals. We spend the overwhelming majority of our time indoors or in cars. Researchers are only beginning to understand the effects this has on our overall health and wellness. For instance, patients recovering from surgery tend to go home sooner when kept in hospital rooms with a window. Studies… Read More

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