May 2019

What is Flexible Office Design & How Can It Improve Productivity?

A growing trend in many modern offices, flexible office design offers an innovative alternative to the traditional office space. By doing away with conventional cubicle workspaces, flexible office design typically features a more open and comfortable work environment. This is primarily facilitated using multipurpose furniture. The open office layout typically used in a flexible office… Read More


Feed Nova Scotia Capital Campaign Celebration

We are proud to have been part of Feed Nova Scotia’s recent capital campaign.  The goal was a lofty one, to pay for the massive new warehouse facility without requiring a mortgage.  That meant a total fundraising goal of $1.4 million. After much hard work by the entire campaign team (featuring our very own Jim… Read More


Casters vs. Glides: What is the Difference?

When it comes to office furniture, it is essential to know which features will best suit your application. Understanding the critical differences in the details and maintenance of your office furniture, like whether castors or glides are right for your new seating will provide your office with another flexible option for increased comfort and functionality.… Read More


5 Ways to Promote Collaboration in Your Office

We all may love stories about lone genius inventors making discoveries that change the path of human history, but the truth is innovation rarely works that way. Innovation comes from collaboration, and successful companies are always striving to get better at it. Here are five ways to increase office collaboration and help your employees work… Read More

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