October 2018

Eco-Friendly Tips to Save Your Business Money

Sustainability has emerged as a powerful differentiator in today’s eco-conscious world. Consumers are looking for ways to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By supporting brands and businesses that adhere to green practices, they can have a positive impact on the planet. Fortunately, there are many ways in which being more ecologically responsible saves money,… Read More


Office Equipment Warranties: Coverage, Duration, and Fine Print

Not all office equipment warranties are equal. As nice it would be for the rest of us, printer manufacturers have never gotten together to standardize their warranty offerings the way other industries have. As a result, each manufacturer writes its own warranty agreements. Each individual agreement covers a specific set of products against a specific… Read More


How Much Power Does a Copier or Multifunction Printer Require?

Is your business concerned about the effect of rising energy costs?  If so, then you are likely taking stock of everything within the organization that uses energy. How much gas do the company vehicles consume? Has the water bill increased this quarter? What about that copier or multifunction printer (MFP) that works diligently day in… Read More


Office Furniture Warranties: Coverage, Duration and Fine Print

Unlike electronics warranties, furniture warranties don’t necessarily cover straightforward performance issues and can be a frequent source of confusion for customers.  A television either works, or it doesn’t, but if the sunlight discolours your desk does that constitute a warranty claim?  What if your new task chair is uncomfortable to use, but is not visibly… Read More


The Definition of Biophilia (in under 100 words)

Biophilia is the natural attraction people have for nature and living organisms. It is hypothesized that people have an innate tendency to affiliate with things that remind us of the outdoors (natural light, water, plants, and animals). With respect to architecture, incorporating biophilia would entail integrating the natural world in a way that allows users… Read More


How Do I Load Canada Post Postage for My New Neopost Mailing Machine?

If your business does regular shipping of letter mail or parcels, then you may have heard of the Neopost mailing machines that help simplify weighing, shipping, and postage. These powerful machines can drastically cut down on time spent weighing and preparing packages for shipment. More importantly, with the help of a Neopost mailing machine, you… Read More


What is a Mobile Extension Application?

A Mobile extension lets you access your desktop phone via an external communications device through a simulation of your office phone. A single number allows people to get a hold of you no matter where you are. A mobile extension gives you flexible call control, access to every key feature of your desktop phone, and… Read More

Productivity Technology

What Is Secure Print and Why Is It Vital for Your Business?

Secure print refers to printing jobs that adhere to a specific privacy standard to prevent unauthorized access to printed information. The term applies to both networks and hardware setups. Fundamentally, the tools and software used in secure print address issues like access levels and the need to restrict printing access according to who is using… Read More

Productivity Technology

Is Printer Toner Toxic or Harmful to Humans?

Changing printer toner cartridges at the office is a fairly routine maintenance task that goes along with having a laser printer or multifunction device. However, many people often wonder if the contents within these cartridges could be harmful to their health. Typically, most people don’t wonder, “is printer toner toxic,” until an accidental spill occurs.… Read More