June 2018

Adjustable Keyboard Trays: 4 Reasons You Should Have One

In this brief blog series, we take a look at some of the most important but often overlooked, ergonomic tools and accessories that any office can affordably add to improve the working environment for their staff significantly. Keyboard trays seem like such a simple office accessory that they often go forgotten in the hype of… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Every day at the office, you interact with many different work tools. From the office chairs to desks to lights and more, each has a role to play in proper office ergonomics. In fact, there can be so many different aspects to ergonomics, few people have the time or the experience to analyze their own… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture

What is Raised Access Flooring & Why Should I Use it?

Planning on moving or renovating your office?  If so, you have the perfect opportunity to set it up in the most efficient way possible.  You can turn it into the ideal workspace for your team for years to come. One improvement that often goes overlooked during a renovation or move is the floor. A floor… Read More


How Much Does A Desktop Printer Cost?

Are you shopping around for a new desktop printer or MFP (multifunction printer) but having trouble gauging how much you should budget for a quality device?  It’s surprisingly difficult to find an honest breakdown of what you should pay for a new desktop MFP. Part of the problem is the fact that there are dozens… Read More

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Options at Copier Lease Expiry: Renew lease vs Buy Out (Pros & Cons)

Depending on your experience with your current copier and leasing company two distinct feelings will come along with your lease expiry. People who have had poor experiences will be excited to find a new leasing company and move on. Those who have had great experiences, however, may have a harder time deciding what to do.… Read More