February 2021

Four Microsoft 365 Apps that You Need!

Did you know the Microsoft Office 365 suite can help you schedule appointments, build apps AND create a detailed work plan? One great thing about the Microsoft 365 suite is the abundance of apps that can integrate directly into your workflow. In this article, we are going to cover 4 different apps that you might… Read More

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How Much Does an Office Phone System Cost?

Office phone systems are continually being updated and improved, which can lead you on a never-ending quest to have the latest and greatest technology. These systems can seem daunting at first, and figuring out exactly what you need will take some research. Before you can decide what is right for you, it’s essential to consider… Read More

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What is a Cloud-Hosted Phone System?

Dreaming of a day when you can take your office phone on the go? Or to not have to worry about moving costs and clunky equipment? A cloud-hosted phone system may be for you!  In this article, we are going to be covering what is a cloud-hosted phone system as well as its pros and… Read More

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Phone calls, video messages and call waiting may all seem second nature in today’s world. Your company depends on having reliable communication. At the very least, you expect to be able to pick up your phone and instantly be connected to the other line.  Now, think about the terms VoIP and SIP. These terms are… Read More

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