August 2018

The Definition of Unified Communications (in 100 words)

Unified Communications (UC) is an integrated network or solution that can fulfill all your communication requirements within one comprehensive solution.  A UC solution assimilates your various text, voice, video, email, file and data sharing, multimedia and collaboration applications.  Enhancing user’s communication experience by unifying all forms of communication services is the essence of unified communications. … Read More


The Office Furniture Buyer’s Checklist [Infographic]

New to purchasing office furniture?  Purchasing office furniture can seem like a daunting task when you consider the sheer volume of options available.  There are scores of manufacturers, all with dozens of lines.  Then, each product comes with any number of possible configurations and potentially hundreds of finish combinations.  It gives me a headache just… Read More


Copier Service Contract vs Copier Warranty: What’s the Difference?

When purchasing a copier, there are a lot of expenses you need to consider beyond the listed price of the copier itself. There will be replacement toner cartridges and papers that you need to ensure the basic operation of the copier. But what about repairs? What is covered by the device’s warranty and what isn’t?… Read More