Environment and Sustainability

Ricoh recognizes Office Interiors as latest member to the Eco Excellence Program

On April 17th, 2023, Office Interiors was awarded the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program membership.  Members of the program share sustainability values with Ricoh — and, as a recognized member, are committed to reducing their environmental impact and helping customers do the same. When customers work with an Eco Excellence member, they can be confident that… Read More

Environment and Sustainability

The Impact of Sustainable Design on the Furniture Industry

Today, more than ever, there is a need to incorporate sustainability practices into all stages of commercial furniture production. Recent environmental concerns have prompted many businesses in the furniture industry to set goals of protecting the environment and prioritizing societal values by making changes that will positively benefit the people and communities in and around… Read More

Environment and Sustainability Furniture

Bringing Office Furniture and Technology Full Circle

Almost everything we use daily is designed to be discarded after use. The linear path of ‘take, make, use, and dispose’ presents many social and environmental challenges – from the overconsumption of natural resources to overwhelming our environment with waste materials. But what if we could create a solution that would eliminate the need for… Read More

Environment and Sustainability