April 2019

How A Managed Print Services (MPS) Contract Can Save You Money

We may be in the midst of digital transformation, but printing continues to be an essential function in the modern office. An average worker prints more than 10,000 pages per year and printing is among the largest operational expenses most companies have. It’s easy to see why a growing number of businesses are turning to… Read More


Managing a Successful Digital Transformation

For the vast majority of companies, the marketplace has changed drastically since the rise of the Internet Age. Even many B2C industries that go back centuries (e.g., grocery stores, book stores, etc.) have had to adapt to this new technological revolution. Still, most businesses would benefit greatly from undergoing a more in-depth transformation. Specifically, their… Read More


Could Information Mobility Transform Your Business?

One of the most critical places modern companies can look for competitive advantages is with their information. In the age of Big Data, businesses now have more of it than ever before, yet many are foregoing one of the best ways they could make the most of this ever-increasing asset: information mobility. What Is Information… Read More

Productivity Technology

Digital Rights Management: What It Is and Why You Should Embrace It

Every company has sensitive information that some employees and third parties are allowed to access, but that others absolutely must not. Modern businesses go to great lengths to ensure only the right people can view this data. The last thing they want is to end up as a headline, becoming yet another company to suffer… Read More


Is Shadow IT Putting Your Business at Risk?

Every CIO and IT professional knows that one of their most important jobs is defending the company against cyber threats. This requires everything from implementing business-specific security protocols to picking the right antivirus software. However, it must also involve addressing shadow IT risks that could unnoticed for years, despite potentially devastating effects. What Is Shadow… Read More


What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)? Defined in 100 words

Optical Character Recognition, often abbreviated as OCR, describes the process of a piece of technology or computer viewing or reading a physical document or image file and understanding the written text displayed on that document or image. OCR is frequently used to enable text-to-speech, machine translation and text mining.  OCR also offers a tremendous opportunity… Read More


Business Analytics vs. Business Reporting: Could Analytics Improve Your Bottom Line?

Although modern companies have countless options for improving their bottom line, one of the most promising is the data they are collecting. However, the full potential of that data is only available to those companies that understand how to leverage business analytics. How Are Business Analytics and Business Reporting Different? Confusing business analytics with business… Read More

Productivity Technology

Could Business Process Optimization Grow Your Business?

Companies that want to achieve long-term growth must regularly review the processes they rely on to do business. Leadership can announce all kinds of changes, but if the underlying processes continue to be inefficient, the organization will never reach its full potential. That’s why business process automation is so important. What Is Business Process Optimization?… Read More