October 2019

4 Benefits of Mobile Printing In The Workplace

Mobile printing is as simple as it sounds– printing from any mobile device. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, or lightweight, limited-use laptops like Chromebooks. Most office settings are already using some form of wireless printing all the time. In most cases a local area network (WLAN) allows users to print from their laptop to a… Read More

Productivity Technology

Should You Buy a Used Copier – Pros & Cons

When businesses research ways to reduce their office expenses, one of the more tempting options lies in buying a used copier or printer. With office equipment prices frequently ranging into the thousands of dollars, a second-hand photocopier is a temptation for small businesses and large alike.    Likewise, used or aftermarket copiers often work just as well as… Read More


Top Problems with Systems Furniture Workstations (Cubicles)

The term systems furniture workstations is a fancy way to describe what many workers have long loathed about office life – the cubicle. And, after years of trending out of vogue, cubicles are once again growing in popularity. But today’s versions are nothing like the dingy boxes that filled offices back in the 60s. They’re… Read More


The Top Four Problems with Monochrome (Black & White) Printers / Copiers

Printing generally accounts for anywhere from one to three percent of a company’s operating expenses. Choosing the right office printer or copier means having to take a serious look at your needs, budget and business goals. When you’re going through your options, the first type of device you may think of is a monochrome (black… Read More