Could Biophilic Design Make You More Productive at Work?

Human beings are no longer outdoor animals. We spend the overwhelming majority of our time indoors or in cars. Researchers are only beginning to understand the effects this has on our overall health and wellness. For instance, patients recovering from surgery tend to go home sooner when kept in hospital rooms with a window. Studies… Read More

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What is a Mobile Extension Application?

A Mobile extension lets you access your desktop phone via an external communications device through a simulation of your office phone. A single number allows people to get a hold of you no matter where you are. A mobile extension gives you flexible call control, access to every key feature of your desktop phone, and… Read More

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What Is Secure Print and Why Is It Vital for Your Business?

Secure print refers to printing jobs that adhere to a specific privacy standard to prevent unauthorized access to printed information. The term applies to both networks and hardware setups. Fundamentally, the tools and software used in secure print address issues like access levels and the need to restrict printing access according to who is using… Read More

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What is Mobile Printing & Why Should You Use It? (4 Key Benefits)

Mobile printing is just that – printing from a mobile device. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, or lightweight, limited-use laptops like Chromebooks. Mobile printing involves sending a print job from your mobile device to a printer, most often a multi-function printer (MFP). But mobile printing can be used with any printer connected to a network… Read More

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What are the Benefits of Choosing Unified Communications?

There are so many different methods of communication that we use today. With smartphones, instant messaging apps, video and voice conferencing, as well as multi-media messaging – it is easy for information to become lost or disorganized. What if there were a better way? Unified communications allow you to integrate the many different forms of… Read More

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How to Improve the Auditory Privacy Within Your Office

Are conversations from other spaces affecting your team’s productivity? Are there concerns about private customer information being overheard? Do you merely want to help visitors and employees feel more comfortable in your office? Not only does an office with poor auditory privacy have a severe lack of privacy, but it can also be downright impossible… Read More

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