How Much Do Sound Masking Systems Cost?

Does your office have an open floor plan with a number of employees using a variety of workstyles? There are plenty of concerns that arise in regard to noise distractions in such a large work environment, and having a private conversation can be difficult. Fortunately, adding a sound masking system in the workplace can reduce… Read More

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How To Deploy A Digital Transformation Strategy In Your Office

Digital transformation is seemingly at the top of every organization’s agenda. From marketing to manufacturing to finance, business departments of all types are quickly awakening to the many benefits offered by today’s digital tools.   Digital transformation describes the strategic use of digital technologies to accelerate business activities, processes, competencies, and models. According to technology media… Read More

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4 Benefits of Mobile Printing In The Workplace

Mobile printing is as simple as it sounds– printing from any mobile device. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, or lightweight, limited-use laptops like Chromebooks. Most office settings are already using some form of wireless printing all the time. In most cases a local area network (WLAN) allows users to print from their laptop to a… Read More

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What is Document Management and How Can it Reduce Costs?

Many companies claim that “going paperless” is a priority. But what does that really look like and what steps can be made together towards a truly paperless workplace? A step in the right direction would be to implement a document management system (DMS) that would create a system of digital paperless workflows. In this post, we… Read More

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What Are Moveable Walls? Are They Worth Buying?

From ultra-lightweight workstations to heavy, traditionally built wall partitions, there is no shortage of options for organizing a workspace to fit its employees’ needs. Changes in the way your workplace is organized can have a significant effect on your employees’ overall productivity. For instance, employee spillover – the tendency for an employee’s nearest neighbours to… Read More

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How to Promote Communicative Efficiency in the Office

Building strong communication within an organization is imperative to internal productivity and efficiency. A recent survey showed 70% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. With the threat of lower productivity and high turnover, employers need to find solutions — and fast. A communication plan is one solution to improve internal engagement by supporting… Read More


Bringing Nature Indoors [Infographic]

Introducing outdoor elements into an office environment can be very beneficial. In the modern climate-controlled workplace where recycled air and fluorescent lighting are standard, a bit of sunshine and greenery can go a long way toward creating a positive impact. Designers and architects are incorporating natural elements into their interior spaces to provide more than… Read More

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20 Ways You Can Benefit from Your Office Design [Infographic]

As working professionals, we spend most of our lives in an office environment. However, have you thought about the ways your office can impact how you work? A recent survey conducted by Capital One found that 82% of professionals believe that employees would feel engaged if their employers invested in innovative office spaces. Studies show… Read More

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