Choosing Your Document Management Software: Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite vs DocuWare

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Redundant work is a well-known killer of productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Tasks like manual document filing, repetitive data entry, and inefficient approval processes consume time and introduce errors and delays.

Today’s modern office has adopted technologies that address these challenges head-on, offering streamlined solutions through document management and workflow automation software. These software solutions are easy to implement across various business environments, reducing manual effort, enhancing accuracy, and accelerating processing speeds.

In this article, we will discuss two leading solutions in document management and workflow automation: Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite and DocuWare. We’ll explore their features, set-up process, and usability, helping you determine which solution best suits your organization’s needs and goals.

Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite (SDPS)

Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite is a robust document management solution that automates key business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents regardless of format or source. 

SDPS uses Ricoh’s Content Parsing Engine (CPE), an advanced data capture and extraction tool seamlessly integrated with Ricoh’s Dynamic Cloud Database (DCD) for efficient document storage. The CPE runs in the cloud to automate multiple document conversion steps — including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for accurate text recognition, data extraction, document classification, adding metadata, file naming, file splitting and routing — all without manual intervention.

This software fully integrates with any multi-function printer without changing the current setup, as well as with ERP and CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamic, SmartConnect, QuickBooks, and Laserfiche. 

Key Features of Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite (SDPS)

  1. Document Management: SDPS automates the smooth uploading of scanned documents to the correct location, in the proper format, and with the correct file name for easy retrieval.
  1. Metadata Extraction: SDPS automatically extracts metadata from paper and digital files, enhancing data organization and searchability.
  1. Document Routing: The software routes properly classified and named files with relevant metadata to platforms like SharePoint® Online, QuickBooks®, and other cloud accounts.
  1. Centralized Transaction Management: SDPS centralizes vendor transactions, such as purchase orders, packing lists, and invoices, in the Ricoh Dynamic Cloud database with the original PDF attached.
  1. Data Control and Reporting: SDPS offers flexible data control through filtering and reporting capabilities, identifying matched or conflicting data.
  1. Data Generation: This software generates dashboards, reports, and other filtered data-viewing visuals in CSV, XML, and JSON formats to integrate ERP systems.
  1. Approval Mechanisms: SDPS implements conditional approval mechanisms via email and/or through the web-based system, accommodating various approval workflows and settings. This feature can help Account Payable teams save nearly 13 hours a week to focus on core business objectives. 


Like Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite (SDPS), DocuWare is a document management and workflow automation solution designed to help businesses streamline operations and improve efficiency.

DocuWare uses its Intelligent Indexing technology, an advanced tool embedded within its document management system, for efficient data capture and extraction. This technology automates critical document processing tasks, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for precise text extraction, metadata application, document classification, and effective routing. DocuWare enhances workflow efficiency and accuracy without manual oversight by automating these operations. 

Key Features of DocuWare

  1. Document Management: Provides a centralized place for all your documents, making it easy to store, find, and manage information from anywhere with advanced search capabilities.
  1. Workflow Automation: Automates complex workflows to reduce manual work and errors, and it is customizable to fit your specific business processes.
  1. Integration: Seamlessly integrates with ERP, CRM, and email systems, ensuring smooth operation with your existing business tools.
  1. Security and Compliance: Ensures reliable security with features like user authentication, encryption, and audit trails to meet industry regulations.
  1. Deployment Options: Offers flexible deployment in the cloud or on-premises based on your business needs.
  1. Mobile Access: DocuWare’s mobile apps allow you to access and manage documents from any device, ensuring easy availability wherever you are.

Benefits of Using a Document Management Software

  • Reduced invoice approvals from weeks to hours.
  • Automated approval routing.
  • Eliminated hidden costs associated with errors.
  • Ensured timely vendor payments.
  • Easier forecasting and planning.
  • Secured and accessible information on demand.
  • Maintained audit trail for any compliance requirements.
  • Strengthened vendor relationships.
  • Faster, more informed business decision-making.
  • Reduced usage of paper.
  • Better compliance and security.

Should You Choose Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite (SDPS) or DocuWare?

Both platforms are similar in offering efficient solutions for digital document management, workflow automation, and security. They cater to organizations looking to streamline operations and enhance efficiency through advanced document-handling capabilities.

DocuWare has been established in the document management industry for a longer period, since 1988. In contrast, Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite (SDPS) is a newer software in the market, offering innovative solutions that leverage Ricoh’s extensive expertise in imaging and document management technologies.

The Office Interiors Advantage

With Ricoh SDPS, we provide a unique advantage with our ability to deploy and implement the SDPS software swiftly. With our expertise, your business can expect perfect integration and operational readiness within five (5) business days. This efficiency ensures no changes to your existing system and quick realization of benefits your organization.

Ready to Automate Your Business Processes?

Here’s how the SDPS will work for your account payable process:

1 & 2

Scan and upload the generated PO to Ricoh’s CPE once an order for purchase is submitted.

3 & 4

Upon delivery, the receiving department can inspect the goods and scan or upload the packing list and the actual received receipt – allowing the DCD to determine 2-way matching.


Scan or upload the vendor’s invoice into the CPE. The DCD will then create a database based on the PO number and perform a 3-way matching between the packing list, the actual receipt, and the invoice.


The DCD will generate an approved transaction if all items match. If not, the DCD will generate an exception report. Both documents will be available in CSV format


If required, data can easily be transferred to any ERP/ECM via .CSV or .XML

This process takes an average of 3-5 days, as opposed to the average industry processing time of 25-57 days, which is nearly an 80% reduction. It’s as easy as that. Contact our technology experts to get started with the Ricoh Smart Digital Processing Suite today!

Fola Adedeji
Marketing Coordinator 
Office Interiors 

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