June 2017

Big Hearts, Small City

Here is another success story of getting involved in the community. Big Hearts, Small City is an organization based out of Moncton, NB. The chairman received an award at the same time my brother Andrew did‎ through the rotary club called the Paul Harris Award for outstanding contributions to the community. During his speech, he… Read More


What is a Print Assessment & Why Should I Get One?

A print assessment is exactly what it sounds like, an evaluation of your current situation.  What devices are in your current environment?  How old are they?  How many impressions is each clocking?  What is your total colour count vs total B&W count?  Which users are printing the most volume? Before I get into the reasons… Read More


5 Things to Look For in an Office Furniture Provider

There is no shortage of options out there for a prospective furniture buyer; there are thousands of products and thousands of ways to lay out those products in your space.   We have unfortunately seen many an office or facilities manager misled by a price tag or salesperson to purchase a product that doesn’t meet… Read More