Toner Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Toner Pirates!

Customer Satisfaction Technology

For years, we have, unfortunately, had to warn our customers to look out for copier toner pirates who might send them unsolicited toner and then bill them exorbitant rates after the package has been opened. We even published articles on this blog in 2016 & 2021, exposing their tactics!

But guess what? The pirates are back with yet another devious scheme to swindle your business.

The Shapeshifting Scam: Toner Pirates and Their Changing Identities

Whereas in the past, toner pirates relied on an unsuspecting user not realizing that Office Interiors had not sent the unsolicited toner, we have started to receive reports that some toner pirates are taking things a step further by impersonating Office Interiors!

Based on what our customers are telling us, the toner pirate will call a business advising that they are calling from Office Interiors and that the cost of their toner has gone up, so they need a new purchase order number from the customer. If someone at the business unknowingly provides the scammer with a purchase order, the pirates can send them an official-looking invoice for an excessive price that references a seemingly legitimate purchase order!

Protecting Your Business from Toner Pirates

To safeguard your business from copier toner pirates, consider implementing the following measures:

1.      Check your service contract.

Most service contracts are comprehensive contracts that already include all your ink and toner cartridges at no additional cost. All our platinum service contracts at Office Interiors include your ink and toner cartridges.

2.      Confirm the caller’s identity.

Always ask for details from the unsolicited caller. Make the caller provide their name, return phone number, and the device’s make, model, and serial number. If Office Interiors calls you about your device, we will already have the details of your device.

3.      Employee Training

Educate your staff about copier toner scams and encourage them to be vigilant when dealing with unfamiliar toner suppliers. Set clear purchasing protocols and ensure that orders go through authorized channels.

4.      Report Suspicious Activity

If you suspect you’ve fallen victim to a copier toner scam, report it to the Better Business Bureau, the Competition Bureau, or law enforcement.

When in Doubt, Give us a Shout!

Whether it’s a sophisticated scam or a simple phishing call, any time you aren’t 100 percent certain about a package, invoice, email, or call that claims to be from Office Interiors or for your device you purchased from Office Interiors, one fail-safe way to verify its integrity is to call our service dispatch directly at 1 (800) 565-0609. We never want to hear about one of our customers being defrauded and are happy to validate an order or invoice for you.

Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing
Office Interiors