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Think of a well-designed office. What is in it? Likely a sophisticated desk with plenty of storage. Maybe it is even height adjustable. There is probably an ergonomic task chair adjusted perfectly to your sitting posture. And of course, a top-of-the-line computer, maybe even with a couple extra monitors.

All those things are definitely in our dream offices too (who doesn’t want to sit in a comfy chair?), but when you look past the furniture there are a lot of other things that can improve the functionality of an office.

For example, those monitors sound nice, but wouldn’t they be even nicer on adjustable arms that you could adjust as you please?

At Office Interiors we work a lot with furniture, but we also have a large offering of workplace accessories designed to help you work more ergonomically and boost your productivity. In this article we are going to talk about some of the best accessories we carry and how they can improve your workspace.

Keyboard Trays

Keyboard trays are an under-utilized ergonomic accessory. They used to be a standard feature on a lot of desks, but now are really only seen on mass-produced desks. Higher end desk units will rarely come equipped. If you find a desk with an attached keyboard tray, they are usually not adjustable, meaning that it will not work comfortably for every user.

Enter the adjustable keyboard tray.  Adjustable keyboard trays can be attached to any desk surface and set to a comfortable level for your hands. These trays are very configurable and can offer more wrist support than a traditional keyboard tray, which is usually wooden.

 Some of the Keyboard Trays We Offer:


  • Fully customizable with many options
  • Sturdy attachment mechanism and smooth adjustments 


Haworth Ergotron

  • Choose to easily clamp to front of desk or attach to bottom of desk
  • Single-piece mouse and keyboard platform


  • Available in many shapes & sizes
  • Fully adjustable options 

Adjustable Monitor Arms

Adjustable monitor arms are a vital part of any ergonomic desk setup. A perfectly adjusted chair and correctly placed keyboard and mouse are not very helpful if you must sacrifice your posture to lean towards your monitor or strain your neck to look down at it.

Adjustable monitor arms can be adjusted in all directions to place your monitor in the proper viewing position for your posture, so that no matter how you sit your screen will be right in front of you. This can prevent a load of discomfort caused by moving from a comfortable sitting position to view your screen.

Some of the Monitor Arms We Offer:

Humanscale M Series

  • Multiple options for supporting 1 – 6 monitors
  • Built-in wire management
  • Optional Charging docks 

Haworth Ergotron

  • Many configuration options including fixed and independent dual arms
  • Built-in wire management    

Sit/Stand Solutions

Height adjustable desks are extremely popular right now. Over the past few years people have become more familiarized with the importance of getting out of your chair while working. No matter how ergonomic your chair is, sitting for long periods of time can still have negative effects on your health.

It is recommended that you try to stand up once every hour for fifteen minutes, and height adjustable desks made this goal attainable for workers who cannot simply leave their desk this often.

Unfortunately, these desks can be quite expensive, especially if you have a perfectly good desk already.

Welcome to the world of sit-stand solutions. Sit/stand solutions are mechanisms that sit on any desk and turn it into an adjustable surface. They typically feature a tray for your keyboard and mouse that sit flat on your desk while sitting, and then raise up to your desired standing level. Your monitors also attach to the system and move in unison with your keyboard tray.

Sit/stand solutions are a cost-effective alternative to height adjustable desks, that allow for just as much flexibility at your workstation.

Some of the Sit/Stand Solutions We Offer:

Humanscale Quickstand

  • Easy up & down adjustment
  • Keyboard tray sits flat on desk when in sitting position 

Haworth Ergotron

  • One hand adjustment
  • Attached desk surface & keyboard tray 

Miscellaneous Accessories

We have gone over three large categories of ergonomic accessory that can improve your office setup, but we offer plenty of other products that provide benefits of their own.

Wire Management

Accessories that group together cables into one place, reducing clutter.

Symmetry Power Channel

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps to reduce eye strain that can occur easily in an office environment that relies on ambient lighting.

Haworth Brazo

Notebook Holders

If you work on a laptop rather than a PC, notebook holders allow you to raise it up to eye level, providing similar ergonomic benefits as an adjustable monitor arm.


Humanscale L6


Ergonomic Footrests

Ergonomic footrests sit under your desk and encourage proper posture and movement while in your seat. 

Humanscale Foot Rocker


CPU Holders

CPU holders attach to the bottom of your desk and hold your PC, keeping it off your desk and saving some space.

Symmetry Office Band CPU Holder

If you want to read more about office productivity and ergonomics, check out our virtual learning center for tons of articles that can help you love the way you work.

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Sales & Marketing Support
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