Love The Way You Live Challenge Wrap Up!


Our Love The Way You Live Challenged is wrapping up after a successful three months!

This challenge shined a light on how small habits can make a significant change in living a healthy lifestyle. We challenged our Office Interiors and Cabco team to incorporate new healthy habits into their lives!

These habits fell under 4 different categories:

  • Water
  • Activity
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition

Cabco and Office Interiors employees had access to the Love The Way you Live App, which was developed using  Power Apps. This App was designed so our team could keep track of their activity each day and be entered into the weekly and monthly

prizes. Team members had the option to track one of the 4 different categories.

65 employees participated over 3 months and logged 2,283 different healthy activities!

One of the incentives for this company challenge was a weekly prize. To be entered, participants needed to log 4 activities per week. The weekly draw saw some fantastic prizes awarded!  Prizes included a $100 Visa Gift Card, a new camera and countless amounts of swag.

In total, we awarded over 25 prizes given out during the competition!

Our challenge partner was Matt Benvie from Evolve Fitness! Matt helped kick off each segment of the challenge. He provided invaluable advice through zoom calls and virtual coaching. Our team also had access to all of the Evolve virtual workouts throughout the challenge. We appreciate all of Matt’s advice, knowledge and motivation.

We encouraged our friends and family to take part via our Love The Way You Live Facebook group. We saw our team members and loved ones posted their activities like hiking with their family or skiing at various hills across Atlantic Canada. We also traded workout tips, recipe ideas and encouragement. This Facebook page served as a community during the challenge. We had over 56 members across 2 provinces.

We heard great feedback from our team throughout the competition. We are proud of our team members who started incorporating a new healthy habit into their day!

Some of our team members continue to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives.

We see team members continuing to go on walks, and an increase of our colleagues drinking more water.  Many team members are now carrying a water bottle around them throughout the day to hit their water goal or take a walk during their lunch break.

We’re wrapping up this challenge for now, but we are so proud of our team and all the hard work they put in.

 In the future, there will be shorter 2-week challenges throughout the year to continue to encourage healthy living!

We’d like to thank our Love the Way You Live challenge committee and everyone who participated!

Emily Adams
Digital Content Specialist
Office Interiors