Love The Way You Live Challenge Update #1  


Our  Love The Way You Live  challenge is underway, and we’re celebrating an amazing first month! We’ve taken our Love The Way You Work philosophy and apply it to our teams’ health and wellness goals.  

We’re encouraging our team to build new healthy habits while building a supportive community along the way! The Love The Way You Live challenge has been an excellent way for our team members to keep healthy habits top of mind and start making small changes that will make a big difference.  

Our February focus was on hydration! Hydration is a pillar of health, and drinking enough water has some fantastic benefits for your overall wellness. We challenged our team to drink 2L of water each day and track it in our Love The Way You Live Microsoft Power App.  

Our teams got creative with this challenge! One of our teams set up hydration stations in their office! Lemons, limes and mint were available for team members to spruce up their water. 

Other team members installed different water tracking apps on their phones to set up reminders throughout the day. 

We saw some impressive numbers during February! Our team logged 930 different activities, and there were over 40 participants. The weekly draws were a success, with many prizes being awarded! Water bottles, cookbooks, a sprout growing kit and more were given to the lucky winners this month.  

We have a supportive community on Facebook where members share their stories, tips and encourage each other! There are over 50 members in the Love The Way You Live Facebook group and over 100 posts. 

We’re kicking off March with a new challenge for the team! This month the focus will be on physical activity. Office Interiors and Cabco employees are challenged to do 30 minutes of physical activity 4 times a week.  

Physical activity can be anything from hiking to snowshoeing to going to a yoga class! This challenge isn’t about being perfect, and everybody is different. This challenge can be done by any age group, fitness level or location.   

We’ll continue doing weekly draws and also some particular challenges throughout March! We encourage all Office Interiors and Cabco employees to get involved. Our team is prepared to start and stick to these new health and wellness goals!  

If you have any questions about this challenge, reach out to Cory Porteous, and he would be happy to help!