Introducing Our Virtual Showroom Tour

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Step Inside Our Dartmouth Showroom and Office from Anywhere in the World.

We’re thrilled to announce that our Dartmouth showroom and office space is now open virtually around the clock! In the 3D tour, you can stroll through the space, check out our setup for inspiration, and explore our extensive range of office furniture and technology solutions—all without stepping outside your door.

If you are a proud owner of VR equipment such as Oculus Quest or the Apple Vision Pro, slip it on, and the visit will feel even more real.

3 Great Reasons to Take a Virtual Showroom Tour

  1. Find Inspiration: Whether you’re on the hunt for a particular office furniture piece or simply exploring, our virtual showroom tour is a source of fresh inspiration. You might start with a search for a height-adjustable desk and stumble upon an ergonomic chair or clever storage solution you hadn’t thought of. Let your creativity flow as you uncover unexpected options for your office space.
  2. Virtual Consultation: Use the virtual showroom as a resource, and feel free to ask us anything. Whether you need product details, design advice, or assistance with decision-making, our team is here to help. Tap into our expertise to make the most of your virtual tour experience.
  3. Browse at Your Own Pace: Take your time exploring our showroom without any pressure to make a purchase until you’re fully ready. You can examine our products and envision how they fit into your workspace without feeling rushed.

Navigate the Virtual Tour with Ease

Our Virtual Showroom Tour, powered by Matterport, offers a seamless and intuitive navigation experience. Here’s how to make the most out of your virtual visit:

  1. Guided Highlights Tour: Click the play button in the lower left corner for a curated overview of our key areas. It’s the quickest way to get a feel for our showroom.
  2. Interactive Features: Engage with interactive features such as product information. Click on the red dots on each product to learn more about its quality and functionality before making a decision. For selected products, you’ll also find direct links to our online store, making it easy to make a purchase if you discover something you love.
  3. Virtual Measurements: Curious to see if that sleek desk will fit in your office space? Use the measurement tool to gauge dimensions and ensure a seamless fit for your space.
  4. Explore with Ease: Effortlessly navigate through different sections of the showroom using your mouse or touchscreen. Click on hotspots to zoom in on products and access detailed information instantly.
  5. 360° Views: Immerse yourself fully in each space with 360° views. Look up, down, and all around to gain a comprehensive understanding of our products and layout as if you were physically there.

Ready to Be Transported to Our Showroom?

Whether you’re debating if a task chair will complement your home office, seeking ideas for your boardroom layout, or in need of inspiration for revamping your entire office space, this virtual tour is your go-to source for creative inspiration. Fill out the form to access our self-guided 360 Virtual Tour Showroom and see our office furniture and technology products in action!

Explore More Ways to Experience Our Showroom

Read The Project Profile – Learn how we created a versatile environment at our office space that fosters a range of work styles, prioritizes well-being, and exemplifies exceptional, forward-thinking design here.

Book an In-Person Tour – While our Virtual Showroom Tour offers convenience, we understand that some experiences are best enjoyed in person. If you’re eager to see or try out our products up close and personal, we invite you to book an in-person tour.

Reach out to us to schedule your appointment. Our team will be delighted to welcome you to our showroom, answer any questions you may have, and provide personalized recommendations based on your needs.

Ahona Saha
Marketing Coordinator
Office Interiors

Take a virtual stroll through our Dartmouth Office Space