We Are Moving Our HQ… About 100 ft Down the Road!


Office Interiors is moving their HQ

This learning center is dedicated to teaching our customers about creating more productive work environments for their teams.  However, we have decided to go beyond the digital realm and take practicing what we preach to a whole new level.

We are excited to announce that this spring (April 2020), Office Interiors (in partnership with Cabco Communications) broke ground on a brand-new headquarters right here in Dartmouth! 

And even better for you, the readers of our learning center, is we have decided to journal our critical learnings throughout the process!  We hope this chronicling of our journey will help prepare you for the next time your business decides to relocate, renovate or build a new space of your own!

What Is Our Vision for the New Space?

Our vision for the new space is to create a space that inspires both our customers and our team to live our vision (to love the way you work) and our mission (to create productive work environments)! 

We believe that everyone should go to work in a space that provides them with the tools they need to be healthy, productive, and happy… and we want our space to be a living example of that belief! 

We are going to practice what we preach with this new space; it is going to showcase how our products and services can be combined to design exciting and productive workplaces but still allow for plenty of room while our business grows in the coming years.

Besides, it is an excellent investment that just made good business sense!

What Will the New Space Look Like?

Working with the experts at B.D. Stevens, we have designed a space that focuses on providing plenty of access to natural light and encourages a healthy work style.  The building will have a rooftop patio so that our team can get out and enjoy the weather and views of the Bedford Basin while relaxing on break or to take a meeting outdoors for a “fresh” perspective.

What Does This Mean for Office Interiors and Cabco Going Forward?

To us, this new building represents our deep belief in one of our shared core values, our people, and providing them with a workplace that will allow them to work most productively and healthily.

It also represents a doubling down on our vision to inspire people to love the way they work.  After all, how can we expect our team to inspire you to love the way you work if we do not provide them with space where they can love the way they work as well!

How Will This Impact You, Our Customers?

What impact will all this have on you?  Our goal is to have you feel inspired when entering the new space, to see possibilities for your own space that you might not have previously considered.  It will be a living, breathing demonstration of the messages we preach about creating productive workplaces in a cost-effective way that you can relate to and envision for your own space.

Ultimately, when you walk into the space, we want you to have everything in one place that you may need to make the best decision for your business and create a more productive work environment for your team!

 Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development
Office Interiors