Is It Time to Upgrade your Multifunction Printer?

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Thinking about upgrading your office multifunction printer (MFP)?  

When you picture a standard office technology setup, a multifunction printer probably comes to mind. This device is a key player in office technology. Many different roles across an organization often use an MFP.  

The beauty of a multifunction printer is the ability to execute many tasks with one machine. From printing to faxing, MFP’s can do it all. What happens when your device isn’t meeting standards anymore?  

Like all things in tech, the life of these devices comes to an end. Maybe you’ve had one too many error messages, or you need some new features. Regardless of the reason behind your decision, there will be a day when you need to upgrade your office MFP.

This task may seem daunting at first. There are countless options on the market, with each iteration of an MFP claiming to be better than it’s predecessor. Research can be confusing, and contracts can be misleading. We’ve created this article to help you start the journey of upgrading your office MFP.  

How do you know it’s time to upgrade?  

This depends on the issues you or your team are having with your device. There are thousands of reasons you want to upgrade. Here are a few key factors that are early indicators it’s time to upgrade. 

Outdated Technology: a large indication that it’s time to upgrade is that your MFP is working with outdated technology. Do you notice an increase of breakdowns or an increase in repair costs? Perhaps the manufacturer has stopped producing parts for your model. Or maybe the MFP is having difficulty connecting to your new network.  

Business growth: Do you have many new team members? Maybe your current MFP isn’t fast enough for your current business, and you’ve outgrown your machine and outgrown the volume of print. Growth is a positive thing, and you want to foster this growth with the best technology. 

Unforeseen demands: The current state of business is in flux, and you may have some new needs to meet new demands. Could you benefit from the ability to fax to your MFP or create booklets directly on the device?  

If you have a service contract on your current device and the technology is outdated, you may be eligible for an upgrade. Contact your provider and discuss your options!  

If you don’t have a service contract, we suggest adding one when purchasing your new device. For a regular monthly fee, the service provider will provide any service, maintenance, or repairs your device requires. You can read more about service contacts here.  

 Identify Your New Device Needs 

 What are the exact needs you currently have? What is the goal of your new MFP? What worked for you five years ago will probably not work today. 

Determining your needs is an important step. Think about your goal when you purchased your current device. We have an entire article on how to select what copier is best for your team. This article will explain the research behind selecting an upgraded MFP. 

 A critical step of the process is to conduct an internal print audit and examine how many pages your team is printing monthly. One of the ways MFPs are measured is by printing volume. This measurement is based on how many pages per minute your device can produce (PPM).  

 This factor will help you decide which upgraded device will perform best in your office. Perhaps your current device has a much higher PPM than your actual print demand, and you could use something with a lower PPM.  

 You can also get a print assessment from a third-party. These assessments will identify any room for process improvement, determine your print habits and give you a great starting point for making an upgrade. Here at Office Interiors, we can help you with this assessment.  

Learn About the New Technological Advancements  

Every year the technological capabilities of multifunction printers become more advanced. When upgrading your device, you want to ensure that it is forward capable. 

Today’s MFPs come with newer technology. This includes energy-efficient options, need fewer repairs and have long-term technology goals.  

Consider not only what your current technology needs but what tech you will need in the future. MFPs today have cutting edge technology that is created to last. For example, the Ricoh IM series has an app store directly on their devices. These apps include to take a scanned PDF and convert it to an MP3 file. Their devices also have apps to connect to Dropbox, Teams, Slack and Google Drive.  

You want the technology to work with your current business process. Select a device that enhances your workflow and seamlessly fits in with your team. This means paying attention to the user experience of the device and the ease of use.  

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your device security. Is a majority of content internal-facing or client-facing? If you need an extra level of privacy, you should upgrade your security capabilities. Look into devices that offer code release printing. Sensitive jobs will only print when released by the user through a code input to the device.  

Determining your Budget 

Of course, determining your budget will play a large role in upgrading your MFP device or fleet.  

On average, MFPs range from $4000 to over $16,000, depending on the model. It’s difficult to estimate the exact cost because of the customization options unique to each user. Many factors go into determining the cost, which includes accessories, software and finishing options.  

Also, consider whether you want to lease or buy your upgraded device. Overall the upfront cost of buying will be more expensive, but you will have ownership of the new MFP. This means all adjustments and customizations are totally in your control. 

Leasing means it’s a lower cost upfront, with monthly costs spread out over time.  

Once you’ve done your print assessment, decided on your technology requirements and thought about your budget, you will be prepped to start upgrading your MFPs! If you’re ready to talk about upgrading your device, you can get a free consultation with our office technology team!   

Emily Adams 
Digital Content Specialist 
Office Interiors 

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