How to Choose the Right Copier Solution for Your Business


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Whether you’re setting up a new office or upgrading existing equipment, choosing the right copier is imperative to ensuring the smooth operation of your business. There are many copiers on the market with a wide range of features and prices for you to choose from.

Which features do you need? Which features would be nice to have? Which are entirely unnecessary for your business? Doing product research can quickly turn into a major distraction and time commitment as you dig deeper and deeper into the various options for your business.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Copier

It’s estimated that printing and copying costs can add up to 1% to 3% of a business’s annual revenue – so this is an important decision for your business. Asking some fundamental questions can help narrow down your specific needs and focus your mind when choosing a copier.

How Much Will You Be Printing?

Each business has its own unique needs when it comes to printing and copying capabilities. How do you determine the right copier for your business?

Determining much, you will be printing is a great place to start when shopping for a new copier. After all, if a copier can’t keep up with your needs, then it will only serve to cause frustration.

A useful measurement to use when considering printing volume within your business is pages per minute (PPM).

As a rule of thumb, monthly printing volume can be translated into ppm. For example, organizations that print 4000 to 7000 pages per month will usually be satisfied with a 25 ppm device, while business printing up to 20,000 pages per month will often want to consider a device that can handle 50 ppm or more.

What is Your Budget for a Copier?

Shopping with only a budget in mind is not the best way to make an important decision for your business. However, it is an important consideration when finding the right copier.

Business quality copiers can cost anywhere from $4000 to $16,000. A production printer for print businesses will cost even more than the price of even the highest end copiers. That’s a pretty wide range which is why having a budget in mind is essential.

Of course, even if you are working with a very minimal budget, there are still options available. You could ask about purchasing lease returns or consider starting a lease which minimizes upfront cost and spreads the cost out over time.

The Cost of Ink and Toner

The up-front cost of a copier is one consideration, but you should also budget for the copier’s total cost of ownership.  For example, ink and toner cartridges can become quite an expense over time.

Does the company you are buying or leasing from have a natural ordering process or do you have to jump through hoops, wait on hold, or contact the manufacturer? In addition to the cost, ink and toner cartridges can become quite a headache if there isn’t a fast and efficient way to get replacements.

The ease of replacement and cost of replacement of supplies are both significant factors to look at when choosing a copier. After all, replacing toner and ink will likely be one of the most common services performed on the copier over its lifetime.

Choosing a Reputable Brand

There are a number of trusted brand names in the industry like Canon, Xerox, Ricoh and others; each offering their own unique products and features. Having options available to you when shopping for a new copier can help you make the most informed decision.

Most importantly, you want to trust that the brand you are choosing will continue to offer support and parts for your copier well into the future. Companies with well-known and respected names in the industry have worked for decades to build their reputations.

Of course, the brand doesn’t always account for everything but choosing a trusted brand over a lesser-known brand, all else being equal, is often a reliable choice.

Will it Work with Your Existing Equipment?

Are you a Mac office or a PC office? Does it even matter when choosing a copier? (Hint… It does.) Are there different workarounds to get your system integrated with your new copier?

These are important questions to ask before making a final purchase decision. Ensuring compatibility with the existing equipment in your office is essential. Can all of the essential features you have identified be used within your office or are they specific to particular operating systems or other network factors?

What Copier Do You Want to Purchase?

Choosing a copier for your business is not always a simple task. At Office Interiors, we won’t just sell you a copier, we analyze the needs of your business and find the solution that will help you meet your goals, both today and into the future.

Not ready to pull the trigger on a new device just yet?  A free print assessment will help you determine whether or not you really do need an upgrade.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
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