5 Tips for Choosing the Best Office Equipment Service Provider for Your Business


Choosing a copier service provider

Has your copier broken down exactly when you needed it to print off some crucial document?

This is something anyone who has ever worked in an office has experienced at some point. Thankfully, there are folks who specialize in getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

However, how do you choose the right copier service company?

There are a number of companies vying for your business. In this post, we are going to examine what you should look for in a provider so you can choose the best service company for your business.

1. Look at Their Reputation

What kind of reputation does the company have in your community? This can be a great initial indicator of which copier service companies you should be considering.

Searching online reviews is a great place to start.

Even a cursory online search for the company name can reveal a lot. Do they have a website? Does it look professional? While having a nice site doesn’t mean everything, it does show they are willing to invest in their customer experience.

On the flip side, a company with no website or a simple site that hasn’t been updated since the days of dial-up may not have the highest dedication to their businesses. A quick search online can reveal a lot.

2. How Responsive Are They?

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, will you be able to get in contact with your service company? How long will they take to get back to you?

These are important questions to ask.

Any high-quality service provider will be able to explain their average response times for various geographic regions, what kind of coverage do they have where you are located?  This is a great way to tell if the service provider values rural customers.

Do they offer after-hours or weekend service?  If so, does this need to be arranged beforehand or do they keep staff on call?

Of course, not every service situation is an emergency. Perhaps you simply need to order supplies. Does your service company make you jump through hoops or do they have a customer-friendly website that allows you to manage your supplies as you see fit?

Finally, can they field service requests online or do you need to speak to someone in person? You may not have the time to wait on hold when you need service. Having options available is always essential.

3. Do They Service Your Products?

With the wide range of office equipment manufacturers out there, it should be a priority to ensure that the service company you choose is actually able to service the products you have.

Some manufacturers may have certain repair service companies that they authorize to work on their equipment. If your device requires service by qualified technicians to maintain the warranty, then you will want to ask service companies about their qualifications and certifications.

Another great question to ask is how they assess their own work and compare themselves to their competitors.  For example, you likely have a way to measure your success at work. Does your service company do the same? Ask about industry certifications, satisfaction surveys, and third-party verified service results.

Ask them these difficult questions. The service provider’s answer could be very revealing.  

A company that cares about you after the job is done is a company that can be counted on to provide superior service.

4. Can They Replace and Update Your Equipment?

Technology moves fast, and you will need a service company that can keep up. Ideally, any service company you choose will be able to service your products and provide expert advice when it’s time to upgrade or replace aged devices.

Ask prospective service companies about the brands they sell and the process they go through to determine your technology needs. In some cases, you may be able to get a free technology review to see if they can identify areas where your operation can improve its efficiency.

5. Help Managing Costs

Does your service provider merely show up when it is time for a repair or are they actively looking for ways to help you manage costs?

A quality service provider will reach out with suggestions and information about the latest trends and technologies that could integrate well with the systems you have in place.

Part of managing costs is improving productivity.

As they say, work smarter, not harder. Do you want a service provider that can help you improve productivity or a service provider who is only there to service what needs to be repaired and move on to the next job?

Searching for opportunities to reduce how much printing and office equipment is costing your business?  Our Guide to Controlling Costs breaks down how you can determine exactly how much you are spending… and what you can do to reduce it!

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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