Comprehensive Preview of the Haworth Veda Conference Chair

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Comprehensive Preview of the Haworth Veda Conference Chair

Do you need to replace the chairs in your conference room with something that is a little more comfortable during a long meeting?  Maybe you are looking to upgrade your home office chair but want something simple with minimal adjustments. Or maybe you are furnishing a private office and need a clean and simple chair to compliment the aesthetic.

Whatever boat you fall in, Haworth may have a simple yet effective solution for you.

The Veda is a unique new chair from Haworth that combines features of their other products ranging from conference to executive seating. In this comprehensive preview, we will take a look at the Veda and give you the facts to help you decide whether it fits your needs. We have compiled manufacturer information that has been released by Haworth to bring you this early sneak peek at the Veda that was just launched on August 1st.

Note: We have not had the opportunity to get our hands on a Veda yet, so this article is solely based on information we have received from Haworth.

Specs of the Haworth Veda Chair

 The Veda is a very simple and easy to use chair. According to Haworth’s adjustment tutorial, the Veda only has three adjustable features: height adjustment, tilt tension, and a back lock. The back and seat are actually one solid piece, but a patented hinge system allows the back to recline independently. The arms and seat depth are fixed.

 Few adjustments make the Veda similar to the traditional conference chair, which is designed to be simple to use but lacks comfort over prolonged use. The ability to recline, however, is an additional feature of comfort that is not seen in all conference chairs.

The back of the chair is also made of mesh, a more comfortable material than harder materials that conference chairs are often made of. These two features are what bring the simple Veda from the world of conference seating into the world of task seating.

 As of now, no official dimensions have been released, but the Veda is available in a mid and high-back option. These size options will greatly increase the chair’s versatility, as shorter chairs are common in a conference setting, while task chairs are often taller, making them more supportive.

Key Features of the Haworth Veda Chair

As mentioned, the Veda features a unique hinge system. Although the back of the chair and the seat are one piece, this hinge system allows the back to recline like a typical independent chair back. This system also allows for a very sleek design, as the back and seat are one continuous piece, something seen in conference chairs but not typically in a task chair (not a highly ergonomic one at least).

Another key feature of the Veda is that it comes in two size options: mid-back and high-back. Mid-back is a cheaper option and a good choice for a conference setting. Conference chairs often have shorter backs as they are sat in for short periods and the additional support of a higher back is not necessary. The high-back is a better option if you plan to spend a lot of time in the chair, as it will provide more support and be more comfortable over a prolonged period.

As well as simple adjustments, the Veda also features simple design elements. Currently, the only upholstery option for the Veda is Veda Mesh, a mesh material that will likely closely resemble other exclusive meshes by Haworth such as Fern Mesh (which is exclusive to the Fern task chair). 

Colour choices are also slim, as Veda Mesh is currently only offered in two colours: dark grey and light grey.  Haworth describes the Veda as “light and elegant”, and the simple colour scheme of the chair do make it visually appealing and allow it to go with a variety of aesthetics.

 Pros and Cons of the Veda Chair

Of course, since the Veda was just recently released, these pros and cons are strictly based on the information we have right now. When we get to try it out we will likely discover more pros and cons, but for now this is our general take.

The two biggest pros of the Veda are its simplicity and versatility, which go hand-in-hand. Having few and easy-to-use controls make the chair ideal for any space where multiple people may sit in it. Veda’s level of adjustment resembles that of a higher-end conference chair. Its other features that aren’t typically seen on conference chairs, however, give it the versatility that allows it to function as a task chair.

The Veda’s hinge system is a very cool feature that allows the chair to recline while maintaining a sleek solid structure. This, along with its mesh seat and back, gives the Veda an extra level of comfort and support that makes a good, simple task chair.

The simplicity of the chair could be a barrier for some users. The first potential issue is that it simply does not have as much adjustability as many other task chairs such as the Fern or Zody, so if you are looking for a task chair with all the bells and whistles, the Veda may not be for you. The biggest feature that the chair lacks is adjustable lumbar support, an important feature that many look for in their daily task chair. 

The chair is also only available in a select few neutral colours. While this does create a clean piece of furniture that can go with almost anything, if you are working with a more distinct colour scheme you may not be able to find a Veda that pairs well. We will have to wait and see if Haworth extends Veda’s colour options.

 Finally, it should be noted that Veda’s hinge is a new feature from Haworth. While there is no reason to believe that this feature will come with any issues, only time will tell if this hinge is able to hold up as well as Haworth’s typical recline mechanisms.

Is the Veda Chair Right for You?

 It is safe to say that the Veda is going to be a very versatile chair and you will likely find many great uses for it.

 The Veda is definitely for you if you value its blend of simplicity and comfort. Its simple adjustments make it an easy-to-use conference chair that still offers more comfort and support than a typical conference chair. This level of support also allows it to perform as a task chair. The Veda would work well in a home office setup, particularly if you are looking for something that is a bit easier to adjust than some other task chairs.

 The Veda may not be the chair for you if you are looking for a daily task chair and want something with a higher level of adjustability. A chair that you are sitting in for an extended amount of time should be able to fully adjust to your body, and the Veda’s few adjustments may not be able to give you the fit you are looking for.

 Want to talk to a sales rep about the Veda? Feel free to reach out and our reps would be more than happy to answer our questions. 

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