Eco-Friendly Tips to Save Your Business Money


Sustainability has emerged as a powerful differentiator in today’s eco-conscious world. Consumers are looking for ways to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By supporting brands and businesses that adhere to green practices, they can have a positive impact on the planet. Fortunately, there are many ways in which being more ecologically responsible saves money, as well.

For example, switching from traditional lighting fixtures to energy-saving CFL or LED lights reduces the amount of electricity they consume. Utilizing natural daylight and installing motion detectors to turn lights off when no one is in the room cuts down on the need for artificial illumination. This results in a lower utility bill and potentially thousands of dollars saved over the course of a year.

In terms of water usage, property owners can install displacement dams in their toilet tanks to reduce the amount used with each flush. Having a cooler in the break room means employees will drink less bottled water, which reduces waste.

Office managers can make a positive change by going paperless. With electronic documents, offices not only use less paper, but they also take a chunk out of their operating costs.

If you want to know how to harness the growing sustainability trend to make your business stand out, take a look at the accompanying checklist. It contains a number of helpful tips that can make your operations greener while saving you some green.

Author bio: Robert S. Miller is President of Earthwise Environmental. He is a Certified Water Technologist who founded Earthwise in 1995 to address the need for sustainability in the water treatment industry. 

Created by Earthwise Environmental, a provider of water treatment systems.