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Humanscale Quickstand Lite Review

There is a growing range of sit-to-stand desks and accessories available on the market from several different manufacturers.

This explosion in the popularity of this style of desk is primarily due to increasing awareness of how harmful it is to sit for extended periods. Some studies even suggest that prolonged sitting could be one of the most dangerous health issues facing people today.

The good news is that merely standing up from a sitting position every 30 minutes can have a substantial positive effect on health and limit the damage done by sitting all day. Of course, many people in an office environment cannot simply walk away from their work every 30 minutes.

This is where accessories like the Humanscale Quickstand Lite can play an important role.

Before jumping into the Quickstand Lite review, we want to acknowledge that Office Interiors sells this product and, as a result, there is the potential for bias in this review. For this reason, we are basing this review solely on publicly available information, user reviews as well as the features and specifications of the product itself.

Humanscale Quickstand Lite Specs and Important Features

Humanscale has several sit/stand desks in their Quickstand line of products. The Quickstand Lite is a noticeable design change from the original Quickstand as well as the newer Quickstand Eco. Clearly, “Lite” is meant to refer to a reduced footprint and size.

The height of the Quickstand Lite can be adjusted close to 25 inches, and the platform offers ample room for keyboards and other accessories with a width of 25 inches and a depth of 13 inches. These measurements are similar to the other Quickstand products, but the design is really where the Lite makes a name for itself.

The sleek design and small footprint of the Quickstand Lite allow it to fit into almost any existing office space. A clamp attaches the stand to your current desk while retaining virtually all of the usable workspace.

The design resembles a monitor arm and gives users much more flexibility when adjusting their workspace. For example, the arm can be turned and adjusted in several directions rather than just up and down.

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Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Pros and Cons

The Quickstand Lite clearly targets a different market than other Quickstand products so there may be some benefits and drawbacks for those who are considering this product against other options.

Quickstand Lite Pros

Collaborative workspaces are where the Quickstand Lite earns the best return. It’s simple to turn the display to show co-workers or collaborate in a co-working area.

Once collaboration is done, the work surface can be turned back to the original user for individual work. This is all done seamlessly with little effort and no fuss.

The Quickstand Lite has also managed to solve some of the size and space issues of other sit-to-stand desks with an excellent design that doesn’t get in the way. Even some of the most cramped offices should be able to accommodate a Quickstand Lite.

Quickstand Lite Cons

The main con for this product is something that is common for nearly all sit-to-stand desks.

The platform where the keyboard and mouse sit rests on top of the desk while sitting, this means that unless you swap your keyboard between a separate keyboard tray and the Quickstand the keyboard may not be at a comfortable height while seated. Depending on desk height, chair height, and the height of the user, this could be uncomfortable.

Despite the exceptional adjustment capabilities of the Quickstand Lite, there is a lack of adjustability when it comes to the keyboard platform. This doesn’t come up often in user reviews, but it would be nice to have the option available for those who want it.

Humanscale Quickstand Lite

Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Other Important Features

Don’t let the slim design of the Quickstand Lite fool you. There is plenty of toughness built-in. With support for monitors weighing up to 25 pounds, the Quickstand Lite offers strength on par with some of the stoutest competitors on the market. It’s nice to see that they didn’t have to compromise this feature to reduce the footprint of the Quickstand Lite.

The design is also great for offices that need functional accessories but still want to have a stylish, modern appearance. Of course, style should always take a backseat to functionality and health and aesthetics can be a subjective thing, but it does seem that Humanscale has made a product which offices won’t be embarrassed to use in areas where customers may be visiting.

Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Wrap Up

This Quickstand Lite review should have helped buyers get a sense of what they can expect from this slimmer product made by Humanscale. With a 5-year warranty to back up their product, Humanscale is clearly willing to stand behind their work.

If you are looking for more reviews of Quickstand products (or other sit-to-stand accessories), we have a section of our blog dedicated to reviews just like this!

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