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Humanscale Quickstand Eco Review

Two topics have become much more common points of discussion in society over the past few years: personal health and the health of the environment. Inevitably, as we become more conscious of our health and the health of the planet around us, we look for ways to make differences in our own lives.

Not a lot of products can claim to both help improve personal health and to be environmentally conscious, but the Humanscale Quickstand Eco does just that.

By offering a sit-to-stand desk solution constructed with eco-friendly materials, Humanscale has given users a way to feel comfortable while working and also rest assured of their environmental footprint.

This Humanscale Quickstand Eco review does focus on a product sold by Office Interiors, but we provide an unbiased review by avoiding any judgements or recommendations.  This article is based on publicly available information and user reviews rather than our opinions to present a comprehensive and helpful review of this unique product.

Humanscale Quickstand Eco Specs and Important Features

The Humanscale Quickstand Eco is the newest iteration of the Quickstand line of sit/stand accessories available from Humanscale. Including eco-friendly materials and some essential feature updates, the Quickstand Eco promises to be an exceptional product for users who want to improve their health by standing every 30 minutes as recommended.

At its highest point, the Humanscale Quickstand Eco stands 35.6-inches high. The work surface platform is larger than the original Quickstand, measuring 28-inches by 19-inches. There are three configurations available, a laptop model, a single monitor model, and a dual monitor model.

Much like the original Quickstand, the Eco model adopts a clean design with a white finish and minimalist appearance. Cables can be routed through the available cable ties to ensure that no errant cords are dangling around the workspace.

Quite likely, the most significant design change that users will notice is the broad base. This contrasts with the Humanscale Quickstand which uses a clamp to attach to the desk. The base takes up much more space on the existing desk but offers much faster setup and portability.

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Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Pros and Cons

There are some things that users will love about the Humanscale Quickstand Eco and others which users may want to note. This short list of pros and cons should help you make your decision.

Quickstand Eco Pros

The larger platform for working on is very nice. It can accommodate a large keyboard, mouse with mousepad, and even some notes or a beverage. This is important for users that have a laptop since laptops without a sit/stand accessory like this can be awful for posture and back pain.

The sustainable, non-toxic materials used to build the Quickstand Eco should make all users feel good about their choice. Even today, people are still becoming aware of products and materials that can be harmful. It’s nice knowing Humanscale has considered this when designing their new devices.

Quickstand Eco Cons

Humanscale advertises the Quickstand Eco as a portable option. While it is indeed more portable than the original Quickstand due to the use of a wide base for stability rather than a clamp, users should temper expectations about portability.

The Quickstand Eco still weighs in anywhere from 38 to 45 pounds depending on configuration and, if cables are attached, there will be some disassembly and setup required for moving to a new location.

The other con is one that is present with most sit/stand desks, and that’s the placement of the keyboard when sitting. This ultimately depends on desk height, but it may be uncomfortable for some users to have their keyboard positioned on their desk and you may need to invest in an adjustable keyboard tray.

Humanscale Quickstand Eco

Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Other Important Features

It’s tough to squeeze every single detail into a single Quickstand Eco review, but there are some essential things to know about this device when comparing the available options.

One of the best features is the counterbalance system that, once adjusted, allows users to easily move between sitting and standing without the need for locks or levers.

The stability of the Quickstand Eco is also important to mention. The engineers at Humanscale have done a great job of ensuring that the entire system stays stable and secure despite not using a clamping system like other sit/stand desks. This feature may be a concern for some but, after giving it a try, all worries about stability when working or adjusting should disappear.

Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Wrap Up

There are a lot of sit-to-stand desks available on the market with a wide range of features. Hopefully, this Quickstand Eco review will help to narrow down your options and make the right choice for your needs. Humanscale is a great company with a sterling reputation, and the Quickstand Eco certainly lives up to that reputation.

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