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Humanscale Quickstand Review

Excessive sitting has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years with the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting receiving a lot more research attention than ever before. As a result, many solutions have been presented to solve the problem of sitting for long periods.

A fundamental solution to many issues caused by sitting is to just get up every 30 minutes. This information has led to an explosion of standing desks and sit-to-standing desks in the workplace. This sit/stand review will focus on one such product, the Humanscale Quickstand.

As a seller of the Humanscale Quickstand, we recognize that our own opinions are biased and we want to acknowledge that right away. To keep this review as impartial as possible, we are going to merely present the facts from third-party sources and consumers reviews, both good and bad, about this device.

Humanscale Quickstand Important Specs and Design

As a sit-to-stand accessory, the Humanscale Quickstand is meant to easily allow users to adjust from sitting to standing with ease. This category of device offers the most flexibility for users as they are not forced to either sit all day or stand all day, which can be just as harmful to the back and joints as sitting.

With a 28-inch height, users can easily slide their monitor to meet eye level when moving from a sitting to standing position. There are two sizes of workspace areas for a keyboard, mouse, and some other essential items that move with the monitor.

These platforms are both 28 inches wide and either 11 inches deep or, for the larger model, 17 inches deep. A clamp attaches the Humanscale Quickstand to an existing desk that’s up to 2.75 inches thick.

As far as design goes, the Humanscale Quickstand embraces a modern, minimalist design. The white and silver design looks sleek and clean, and it should fit into almost any office environment. The stand attachment is meant to sit further back on the existing desk space, so it should not take up much workspace while users are seated.

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Humanscale Quickstand Review: The Pros and Cons

Any accessory or piece of equipment will have some great features as well as some features that could be improved. These pros and cons should help prospective buyers decide whether or not the Quickstand is right for them.

Humanscale Quickstand Pros

The sleek design and quick setup make this a great device to drop into an existing office environment. There’s no need for a lot of fuss and setup which means work doesn’t have to be interrupted for long when installing the Quickstand.

One of the main benefits of choosing a sit-to-standing desk is that it gives both options to users. Even people who make a conscious effort to stand every 30 minutes may miss some opportunities because they are caught up in pressing tasks.

The ease of transition from sitting to standing while using a Quickstand virtually eliminates any delay or disruption for users.

Finally, Humanscale is a well-known brand with a strong reputation for making quality products. We point this out only because the trend towards standing desks as well as sit-to-standing desks has inspired a lot of companies to jump into the game and release products of suspect quality.

Humanscale Quickstand Cons

Arguably the most significant shortcoming for this accessory is the weight limit for attached monitors. Only monitors up to 11 pounds can be supported. For many users, this should not be an issue. However, people with larger monitors or dual monitor setups may need to look closely at the weight of the monitors being used to ensure that they will be compatible with the Humanscale Quickstand.

One other fault with the design is that the keyboard tray rests on the desk and cannot be lowered below the worksurface. Depending on desk height, this may be uncomfortable for some users. It could be resolved by installing a separate keyboard tray with a wireless mouse and keyboard. This may or may not be necessary depending on the individual user.

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Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Additional Features

The cable management on the Humanscale Quickstand is among the best you will ever find in a device like this. The cable harness keeps all cables organized and out of the way. This makes the desk look even cleaner and professional while also reducing the chances someone or something could get caught on an errant cable.

The sturdiness and built quality cannot be understated in this sit/stand review, either. There’s nothing worse than a wobbly keyboard tray or loose monitor adjustment. Humanscale has built a device that anyone should feel confident using in both sitting and standing configurations.

Humanscale Sit/Stand Review: Wrap Up

Let’s be clear: This is a premium sit to stand desk accessory with premium features. There is a lot to love about this device, and we hope our Quickstand review has made that clear.

There are some minor drawbacks to choosing the Humanscale Quickstand, but, for most users, the health benefits and comfort far outweigh any minor annoyances. The higher price tag, when compared with other products, is reflective of the quality and features.

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