How Much Does A Sit-Stand Desk Cost in 2020?

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Hopefully, by now, you’ve heard the news that standing is the new sitting when it comes to a healthier way to work at a desk? If not, please allow us to enlighten you on the world of height adjustable office furniture. 

The human body needs movement to survive, we were not meant to stay in one position for long hours at a time, especially in the office. 

Sit-Stand Desks are the solution to this problem and with an assortment of options available, we thought we would help you out and break down the costs for each and give you a better understanding of which standing desks are available and rough prices range for each. 

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At Office Interiors, we strive to set ourselves apart from our competition. However, this article is meant to provide you with unbiased information that can help you choose the best standing desk for your office, even if you decided not to go with us and our proven and measurable customer service. 

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How Much Is A Sit Stand Desk?

The Sit-Stand Desk is the best tool you could have for achieving an ergonomically sound office space and it can often be the most valuable piece of equipment that also offers flexibility while increasing productivity in the long run. 

But how much does your standing desk cost and which variation of the standing desk is best suited for you? The short answer is it depends, but here are a few examples of available standing desk options and some price ranges for each. 

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Sit-Stand Desks are desks that are quickly height-adjustable, letting employees individually configure the height of their desks to meet their specific needs without forcing them to either sit or stand. Sit to stand work surfaces come in several different versions based on the method of adjustment; pneumatic, electric or manual crank. With an electric sit-stand desk, you can adjust your desk height with the push of a button, and some options even allow for memory programming for custom height adjustments.

A Basic Up Down Sit Stand Desk starts at $750 and ranges up to $3000 depending on the features, shape, engineering and supplier.

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How Much Is A Sit-Stand Converter or QuickStand Desk?

For starters, what exactly is a sit-stand converter? Good question, well a sit-stand converter is very similar is a sit-stand desk and provides the same benefits, the only difference is that a sit-stand converter is an add-on that is either attached to or placed on top of a pre-existing table or desk. You could almost think of it as buying a mini desk that can fit your computer, monitor and keyboard on. 

For a standard Sit-Stand Converter, you can expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $960 depending on features, engineering and supplier. 

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A QuickStand Desk on the other hand would also be considered a type of sit-stand converter and they can turn any height adjustable desk into an active one. The minimalist design encourages users to include movement into their daily routine and the innovative counterbalance mechanism enables users to easily adjust the height of the monitor and keyboard. 

A Quick Stand desk can range anywhere from $550 to $1000, depending on the features, engineering and supplier.

Why Sit-Stand Desks Are Here to Stay

It’s no surprise that most modern office employees sit too much. On average, Canadians sit about 10 hours every day – mostly at work. And this lack of movement is taking a toll on our health, our moods and our waistlines. While everyone seems to agree on that, there are differing views on how much standing we should do to counter the downside of desk work.

A 2017 survey of HR professionals indicated that providing sit-stand desks to employees was the fastest-growing wellness benefits trend. As well, the global standing desk market is expected to hit  US $2.8 billion by 2025.

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The Bottom Line

Research shows standing can make us more focused and productive by increasing engagement on tasks and improving working memory. Standing desks are the right choice if you want to create a workstation that incorporates exercise equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike with a desk. For workers using fixed-height standing desks, it’s vital for them to take breaks and ensure their desks are appropriately configured with the top of the computer screen at eye level.

While the cost for each standing desk can vary greatly, each provides an abundance of benefits. If you have more questions about buying furniture, our Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide can answer all the questions our customers most frequently ask us, such as:

  • What are the costs of office furniture?
  • How do furniture warranties work?
  • Am I picking the right furniture?
  • And much, much more.

Buying new office furniture can be a significant investment of both time and money; you should feel armed with all the information you need to make the right decision for your business. At Office Interiors, we aim to answer all the questions and concerns our customers might have.

Our mission is to help our customers create more productive work environments. 

Cody Turner
Digital Content Specialist
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