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Buying a Used Copier: Is It Worth It?

When businesses look into ways to reduce their office expenses, one of the more tempting options lies in buying a used copier or printer. With office equipment prices frequently ranging into the thousands of dollars, a secondhand photocopier is a temptation for small business and large alike.  Likewise, used or aftermarket copiers often work just… Read More


Is Toner Biodegradable or Recyclable?

Laser printers use a clever combination of toner, static electricity, and heat to produce printed documents. With its ability to rapidly deliver sharp quality text-documents, toner was one of the major revolutions of the modern office. Many people ask the question: is toner biodegradable? More importantly, with environmental sustainability gaining traction in the business world,… Read More


9 Wire Management Hacks You Should Be Using [2019 Edition]

Are tangled wires creating a backdrop of chaos behind your desk? In addition to making your eyes sore, those tangles could also be slowing down your electronics and creating a fire hazard. If you’ve got a Gordian Knot of dusty cords powering your workstation, it’s well past time to engage in some wire management. Not… Read More


Definitive Review of the Haworth Soji Task Chair

Looking for a comfortable but straightforward task chair? The Soji Task Chair by Haworth is built with thoughtful design and informed ergonomics. A simple but highly adjustable addition to the Haworth task chair line, the Soji bridges comfort and utility. Task chairs are an essential component of any office, and it’s important for you to… Read More

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The Workrite Solace 2 Total Review: Sit-to-Stand Functionality and Modern Ergonomics

Workrite Ergonomics is a reputable name in the office furniture industry, and rightly so. Many of the company’s products do a great job creating happier, healthier, and more productive offices. But when it comes to office ergonomics, every individual has unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all ergonomic office solution.  Different body types adjust to ergonomic… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture Reviews

Workrite Solace Desktop Review: Instant Standing Desk Conversion

When office managers choose Workrite ergonomics for their office furniture, they earn the peace of mind that comes with selecting a high-quality brand known for innovation.  The Workrite Solace series is rightly one of the company’s most popular product lines. But different offices have different space requirements, and various individual users have varying ergonomic needs.… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture Reviews

All-Inclusive Review of the Ergotron Workfit

Sitting all day is not healthy. Prolonged sitting can lead to back problems, circulation issues, muscle soreness, slouching, headaches, and more. This health issue has begun to get more and more exposure as people take on increasingly sedentary jobs. Of course, most people don’t have the luxury to leave their jobs just because they must… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture Reviews