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The 6 Best IT Services Companies in New Brunswick

Organizations need to juggle many moving parts and functions: human resources, marketing, accounting, product development, sales, customer support, and more. One essential function that is unfortunately often overlooked is IT.   Though we are Atlantic Canada’s trusted source for office furniture as well as office technology, we also pride ourselves in being our clients’ the… Read More


The 5 Best IT Services Companies in Nova Scotia

Many services must come together for a successful business to operate smoothly and efficiently. At Office Interiors, we are honoured to be the go-to source for many of our client’s needs. But what happens when we don’t provide a service that our customers are looking for? We believe it’s our duty keep our finger on… Read More


Review of the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Task Chair [Complete Summary]

It’s important to do your research when looking to update the office and purchase new furniture. The goal of our comprehensive task chair reviews is to gather the information you need in one convenient place. First, we scoured the internet for third-party data. Next, we distilled these reviews down for you, providing the critical information,… Read More

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Expansive Review of the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

Looking for a new chair for your home or office? We can help. Our comprehensive task chair reviews pull together product data, information, and third-party opinions from supplier sites and user reviews. This gives you the critical information you need as you do the research. We make you the expert. We do sell these chairs;… Read More

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What is an Ergonomic Hazard? Defined in Under 100 Words

An ergonomic hazard is any behaviour, situation or equipment that can contribute to the development of an ergonomic injury.  Most ergonomic hazards pose risks to the musculoskeletal system.  The most common ergonomic hazards in offices are those that contribute to repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), including: Poor posture or device placement Prolonged periods of sitting Inadequate… Read More


What is an Ergonomic Assessment? Defined in Under 100 Words

An ergonomic assessment is when an ergonomic expert examines a workplace or station for ergonomic risks or hazards and offers recommendations on how to correct these issues.  Ergonomic assessments are most frequently done in response to a complaint of discomfort or workplace injury claim, but they can extremely valuable when done proactively.  An assessment could… Read More


Are Leather Task Chairs Worth Their Premium Price? [Pros and Cons]

Of all the furniture used in an office throughout the day, the lowly chair is often the unsung hero of the office. A quality task chair can make working much more comfortable and enjoyable, yet it often doesn’t get the love it deserves. This article is going to be dedicated to the chairs that (literally)… Read More


Extensive Review of the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Are you considering a Herman Miller Aeron task chair for your home or office? Our comprehensive task chair reviews provide you with all the information you need. In this article, you’ll get a rundown from user reviews and third-party information, not merely our opinion. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to make an… Read More

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Complete Review of the SitOnIt Seating Novo Task Chair

Complete Review of the SitOnIt Seating Novo Task Chair In this blog, our goal is to help you be more productive at work, and in this article’s case, to help you find the ideal chair for your office. Although we do provide task chairs, for these reviews, we have gathered third-party product information and user… Read More

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Average Copier/Office Equipment Service Response Times

Moving parts break, jam or wear. Multifunction printers (MFPs), or copiers as they are often called, have a great many moving parts.  It only makes sense that they are regularly going to need servicing. Anyone who has ever worked in a can testify that there are few things more infuriating at work than going to… Read More