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Complete Review of the Humanscale Quickstand Lite

There is a growing range of sit-to-stand desks and accessories available on the market from several different manufacturers. This explosion in the popularity of this style of desk is primarily due to increasing awareness of how harmful it is to sit for extended periods. Some studies even suggest that prolonged sitting could be one of… Read More

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Full Review of the Humanscale Quickstand Eco

Two topics have become much more common points of discussion in society over the past few years: personal health and the health of the environment. Inevitably, as we become more conscious of our health and the health of the planet around us, we look for ways to make differences in our own lives. Not a… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture Reviews

Comprehensive Review of the Humanscale Quickstand

Excessive sitting has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years with the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting receiving a lot more research attention than ever before. As a result, many solutions have been presented to solve the problem of sitting for long periods. A fundamental solution to many issues caused by sitting… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture Reviews

Should You Buy a Mesh Task Chair? [Pros & Cons]

It pays to take your time when selecting new furniture for the office. After all, you will likely be spending more time in that task chair than you do anywhere else. That desk will quickly become like a second home, and you’ll come to know intimately every nook, cranny, blemish, and corner. That’s why it… Read More


The Pros and Cons of Upholstered Task Chairs

When designing a new office, it’s essential to select the right chair. Productivity can dramatically go down when you aren’t comfortable. According to a recent study, the average worker will spend 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer screen and sitting in that chair. In this guide, we’ll be looking at one of… Read More


What is a PBX Phone System and How Does It Work?

For modern offices, streamlined communication is a must. Whether dealing with internal or external telecommunications, businesses need to invest in infrastructure that helps people connect easily. Office managers looking for these business telephone features will inevitably come across PBX phone systems in the catalogues of major manufacturers. Although the manufacturers make their telephone systems look… Read More

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Will My New Copier or Printer Work with My Mac? [Mac Compatibility]

Although Microsoft dominated the office environment in the 1990s and 2000s, Apple is becoming more visible in the office equipment industry every year. No longer solely the domain of design professionals and creatives, Apple hardware is becoming an increasingly common sight in offices around the world. We aren’t going to wade into the debate surrounding… Read More


Full Review of the SitOnIt Seating Wit Task Chair

In our comprehensive task chair reviews, we’ve scoured the internet for the latest and most accurate product information. We’ve also tracked down user reviews and customer feedback. All that data and information you need is at your fingertips in this SitOnIt Seating Wit chair review. Our goal is to make you an expert in your… Read More

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What is Systems Furniture? Explained in Under 100 Words [Definition]

Synonymously referred to as modular furniture or systems workstations, systems furniture is simply a modular furniture product used to build office workstations.  Systems furniture workstations are commonly referred to as cubicles, though few modern systems conform to the stereotype with standing-height panels. Systems furniture is typically used in multi-workstation configurations where stations can share support… Read More